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I have no idea how much I should be eating

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  • I have no idea how much I should be eating

    I can't go by hunger because I simply can't tell when I'm hungry. I am never REALLY hungry before a meal, even if I wouldn't eat for 10 hours. But once I start eating, I really have to tell myself to stop otherwise I will end up eating 3000-4000 calories in 1 meal.

    This forces me to count calories (I know the fat carb protein balance is just as important).

    But do you think 2000 calories is a good amount of calories for a male, 6'1"? My activity on this day would be walking about 3mph for 2 hours, sprinting for a total of 90 seconds, a total of 38 pullups and 100 pushups.

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    There are calculators online you can use. Search for how many calories do I need. Make sure you get adequate protein. Youll need to calculate your lean body mass for that.
    Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.


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      2000 sounds a little low at first glance, but everyone is different.

      The fact that you are not hungry most of the time, but can consume HUGE meal when you do eat means that you might be an ideal candidate for the IF/1 meal per day philosophy.

      I have to go with 2 meals because I just don't have the stomach capacity to eat enough in one sitting, but there are a lot of good reasons to restrict your consumption to an "eating window" of time.

      From what you've said, one giant meal per day might just be perfect.
      Try it and see.


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        I started using the online service Cron-o-meter (CRON-O-Meter: Track nutrition & count calories) which makes it all the more interesting to track this stuff. Give it a try - create a free profile, tell it what your goals are, and start tracking. There may be others that have bigger food databases and other features, but this one's doing it for me for now.

        See 7 Tech Tools that Make Healthy Eating Easy | Mark's Daily Apple for more tech...

        A note: as a result of a week's tracking, I find that I'm "over" on protein and "under" on fat. Well, I'll be...that's a surprise!