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What if you can't always get grass-fed/organic?

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    I'm unfortunately stuck in this situation as well. It seems to be a trend that more of the bad stuff in grain-fed animals and fish is stored in their fat tissues than their muscles, so I'll echo the advice to eat lean meats.

    One of the best ways to get decent quality meat at a low price is to buy whole beef tenderloins, cut them up, and freeze them. You'll get 12 - 18ish portions, they're good cuts, and it usually works itself out to 6 or 7 bucks a pound.

    Also, for ground beef, I personally recommend against any pre-ground beef. Too much bacterial risk, and the thought of several animals being in one serving makes me uneasy. Buy cuts and grind the meat yourself. I personally think it's not only tastier, but healthier, too.


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      Thanks for all the advice I just went out and splurged on 2 doz organic cage-free eggs along with lots of wild fish fillet that are going straight into my freezer. I figure I can cook up the fish and distribute them into my BAS along with some hard boiled eggs.

      On the other hand, I think I'm about to give my grandma a heart attack by eating 4-6 eggs a day.. Little does she know..


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        I dunno....when I switched from SAD to WAPF-type food, my overall food costs went DOWN.

        But I really searched out farmers, some of whom don't even advertise or come to farmer markets.

        Check out the USDA website and look for Department of Agriculture and Markets, then look for Guide to Farm Fresh Products. It will list every farm and farmer selling to the market by county, and it will tell you if it's a farmstand, pick-your-own, or a farmstore, and what products they feature, including whether it is organic.

        One farmer I found offers a "grab bag" special of all organic, free-range, pastured, 100% grassfed products. For $100, I got:

        2 dozen eggs

        1 large sirloin steak (I slice it and stirfry it to stretch it for a family of four)

        1 lb. stew beef (again, feeds my family of four with lots of veggies in it)

        1 lb. of bacon

        1 very large chicken, good for a roast, a second dinner of stirfry, and a pot of soup

        1 lb. Italian sausage (which we ate tonight on top of a rutabaga/sweet potato mash--fed four of us)

        3 lbs. of ground beef: good for at least two meals, could be 3.

        This, along with my fish purchases during the week, feeds a family of four (2 teenage males, 1 big man, and me--all big eaters) for two weeks.

        You gotta hunt! It just ain't following you home from the supermarket!