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Finishing my first IF

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  • Finishing my first IF

    First, a big thank you to Mark Sisson and everyone here on the forum for the great lessons and support. It's been a life-changer for me.

    I am about to go home and eat after an 18-hour fast, not a huge fast I know, but since I've only been primal for a month, this has made me feel like I'm living in a new body...or, like I shed the one that was in the way. This fast was really easy, and I did some biking (easy, not too fast) and a bodyweight workout, which I wouldn't have dreamed about doing on an "empty tank" a few months ago. I feel focused, free, and very energetic. Yes, kind of hungry too, but nothing unmanageable. That's what I mean about the new body--I think I'm running on fat stores like I'm supposed to be. What a great feeling to be embarking on this at age 47.

    For all of you thinking about it (those that need to shed some pounds that is), go for it!

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    18hrs is decent, eventually you can hit 40+ hours pretty easily ( easier if you have a higher BF%)

    I do like a 48 hr continuous fast every month or so saves a fortune on the weeks shopping lol
    "Today’s technological age is enjoyed by the fattest, laziest humans in the history of humanity." -Mark Sisson


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      Wow...40 would be something, way to go. As much as I've been working out I might just do back-to-back IFs, kind of like fast 5 (except for me it's 6!).


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        Way to go Tom! I, too just finished my first fast. I had one normal meal per day, for 2 days in a row. I drank tea with coconut milk if i got hungry, but I wasn't as hungry as I thought I'd be! I feel like I have control over my eating for the first time ever, and i'm 51. It's about time I'm going to try to do this every week! I got on the scale this morning as was 3 lbs lighter!