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Planning a fast~ anyone interested?

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  • Starting my second fast - hijacking Nady's thread for it

    I'm starting my second fast.
    My first one was at the beginning of April. I'm doing them for the cellular regeneration, though I won't say no to any weight-loss.
    I'll be very interested to see if I notice any of the same things from last time, or different stuff, especially post-fast.
    My husband even said he would join me (for the week-end part of it only, I think).

    Anyone else fasting now? Want to post together?

    My plan is to fast for three days, possibly extending to five. Last time I did 3 1/2 days, but didn't even feel REAL hunger until the 47 hour mark. I'm thinking three days again, but am wondering if I might count those three days starting when I feel hunger. Until then, it seems as if I am just snacking off my glycogen. (And by the way, this time, yes, since I went a little crazy carb-wise yesterday, but how in the world did I still have two days worth of glycogen last time? Boggling!)


    • Hi! Sounds good~ think I'll join you I've maintained my loss since the last fast and am down two more pounds so I feel pretty sure my weight has stabilized~ time to re-boot again!

      So, tomorrow then?


      • Glad you'll be joining me, Nady!

        I've already started as of this morning. It just occurred to me to hunt up your thread this afternoon, though.

        I'm back from a trip to the store to get some Pellegrino water. Last time I found I really enjoyed alternating between regular water, my lemon juice/salt/stevia electrolyte water, and mineral water.

        I've also planned some things to keep me busy over the next few days. It is amazing how much time gets freed up when you are not cooking/eating/cleaning up!


        • Got caught up in my book last night, and stayed up to read- finally going to sleep 2 1/2 hours later than I usually do. So, I'm dragging today. The up-side is that I'll be going to bed early, making my first evening of fasting zip by!


          • Newbie to IF here.... it's been 19 hours since I last ate and I feel surprisingly good. Well, I drank a milk tea so I guess it isn't a real fast, but I'd never been able to skip a meal without feeling like I'm torturing myself. I had to build up to skipping breakfast, and now no longer feel hungry in the morning. Today's the first time I skipped lunch (didn't feel hungry anyway). I went on a long 2 hour walk carrying my baby this morning too and was full of energy. The best part is I don't feel like snacking!! When I don't skip meals I find myself grazing all day or wanting to snack. I'm pleasantly surprised and feel motivated to do this occasionally. I don't need to lose weight but I really want to stop snacking.


            • I've found I do a natural IF two or three times per week, when I just do not get hungry until lunch time, so, a good 18 hours. And once a week(on gym night), I do a one-meal day, with just an enormous lunch, because i don't want to eat after I get back from the gym.

              My first day of fasting went well. Drank a little less water that I was expecting, at 12 glasses. Did get plenty of slow-paced walking in: 130 minutes. Found myself planning a meal a couple of times, just out of habit, before I remembered I was fasting but didn't get to the point of opening the fridge, so that's good. My daughter made it easy on me by making her own dinner.

              My honey may be joining me on the fast today. He has had a lot of diet-related congestion lately, and I think he feels eating nothing would be easier than cutting out the treats, at least for a beginning. I'll be interested to see if he goes more than one day. He loves to snack on weekends.


              • Hi. Sabine sent me over here as I started a light tea fast this a.m. Can't do straight water as an old bulemia thing starts happening which isn't pretty.

                So, I'm not sure how long I'll do this, but I'm going to read the posts on here and see how you guys are doing it. May try it interspersed with straight primal -- straight meats, vegies, and coconut oil. Been off primal, but just found out wild rices and other dark ones, carry molds like peanuts??? Going to check it out. Just when I thought I might be getting it together.


                • Good on you fasting folk! Hope things are going well. I'll join you next time. Keep us posted.
                  My Primal Journal:

                  "Freedom from fear" could be said to sum up the whole philosophy of human rights. - Dag Hammarskjold


                  • Just back from a long walk, still waiting to get hungry. It is amazing to me how long it takes to get hungry. My energy level feels good today. A regular night's sleep sure helps. I AM planning to get to bed a little early, though, just because I can. Oh, the joys of nothing to do! Bonus: both my children are on sleepovers, so I don't have to worry about food prep or smells tonight or tomorrow morning!

                    How is it going for you, Nady and Lopisheep?

                    (Hi there, Siobhan!)


                    • Hi all~ just checking in. So far so good, although I feel somewhat low energy today. Not hungry, probably get to bed early tonight and see if my energy returns tomorrow. I'll decide then how long to take this fast~ maybe 3 days.

                      Hope everyone is doing good~ catch you all later~


                      • Through my first full two days of fasting. Still not hungry, though I had hopes yesterday. It was right as my honey was breaking his fast (he went 27 1/2 hours, pretty good, I thought) and he was eating in the next room. There were a few smells floating by, and I had a little 'feeling' in my stomach, but nothing that manifested itself as hunger.

                        I'm awaiting the hunger, because I am considering going three days from the start of hunger, instead of three days from the last food. If I got hungry right NOW, it would mean a total of almost 5 1/2 days, which just seems crazy to me. I never would have though about not eating for FIVE DAYS a year ago. Now, I'm actually considering it?!?

                        The practicalities of such a long fast are daunting, though. I like my food. The lovely tastes and textures. I'm very much an instant gratification person, so having to hold off so long on something I am used to enjoying a couple-three times a day, is just mentally hard.

                        Also, the last fast was ridiculously easy, compared to how I thought it would be. What if this gets really hard? I don't want it to be an ordeal.

                        Okay, just blathering on about some of my thoughts. Here's a fun one: I'm doing this for cellular regeneration, but since I am still overweight, I pay attention to the numbers. And they are super-gratifying! Friday: 193. Saturday: 189. Sunday: 186. Even knowing they will bob back up once I start eating, there is a bolt of sheer enjoyment that goes through me, seeing 186 on the scale.

                        I did two hours of slow walking yesterday, drank 16 glasses of water, and got plenty of sleep. Energy was good. Cleaned the kitchen in the morning, and it stayed clean all day, which was a mental pleasure to me, every time I glanced over (combo family room-kitchen) and saw it.

                        Hope y'all- Nady, Lopisheep,Girlhk- did well yesterday. Interested to hear from you today.


                        • Morning everyone~

                          Sabine~ this fasting thing is quite the eye-opener as to the workings of the human body, don't you think? When I did the 10 day fast for my eczema, I just waited until my body signaled it was done 'housecleaning' with the return of natural hunger. And when I ate, undressed salad was my first choice~ boy, was it wonderful! I had no idea lettuces had such delicate, sweet flavor! I love the way fasting cleanses the taste buds so you notice the fine subtleties of the different foods. I think the reason there are so many seasonings and condiments on the market is because most people can't taste things anymore. Makes SAD really sad, doesn't it?

                          Anyway, enough of the rambling~ my energy is much better today and I'm down almost 3 pounds. I'll take it, puts me into the next size down jeans so now I'm not *Miss Baggypants* anymore.

                          As far as gaining the 'water weight' back after the fast, I didn't from the first fast (start of this thread) after about 3 weeks, I started losing again, at the rate of about a pound a week. The key is to eat really clean and watch the carbs~ you don't need to cut them too low, but around 60 worked for me, your best level may be different.

                          Have a great day everybody


                          • Yesterday went well. Started off with a long walk in the morning, through the woods. My energy was good, and the day was beautiful. Drank another 16 glasses of water throughout the day. Finally started feeling hungry about 1:30pm, 64 hours into the fast. I decided it was true hunger when it came back at about 5:00, and then at about 8:30. I have found true hunger does that with me: shows up, sees if anything will happen, then goes away for a couple-few hours before trying again. Had a little light-headedness with the first occurrence, as well, which passed after I sat down for a bit, and drank some more electrolyte water. I WAS tired in the evening, and went to bed half an hour early.

                            So, this morning I am 81 hours into the fast. I won't be doing a full three days from when I started feeling hungry, because that would bring me to 1:30 on Wednesday. I go to the gym with my honey on Wednesday evenings, and I want to have started eating, and moved up to one good(as in amount) meal before I do that. So, my plans for right now, are to keep fasting today (Monday) and break my fast tomorrow. Perhaps in the morning, perhaps at 1:30, to give me a full two days from first hunger. We'll see how it goes. I don't feel much like stressing over it, but I do want to give my cells a good rest from normal activity, so they can work on healing.

                            I have some fun activities planned for today, to keep my mind off food. A long, leisurely walk to the yarn store, to chose a yarn I have been waiting for for a while. Watching a movie in the afternoon. And a massage from my honey in the evening.

                            Nady, seems like you are the only other one still on board. Hope it went well for you. Looking forward to hearing your details.


                            • wow. just wow


                              last time to get the scale moving, it just happened that we ate out (chinese) and then I tried my first fasts. I lost 6lbs that week. Then the scale went dead again the past couple of weeks, so I am shaking it up again this week. So these posts are inspiring.

                              I pretty much do fast 5 every day though, so I am not sure why I stalled again. Calories are 1200 - 1600 with lots of working outside, sweating buckets. So I dont know.

                              So anyways, gonna try another 24. I can't imagine going days, but then again I could never imagine the 24 or even fast 5s before

                              I wake up hungry, or shortly thereafter, but it passes. It comes and goes. I just try to stay busy. So I guess I need to get to it now so it passes
                              65lbs gone and counting!!

                              Fat 2 Fit - One Woman's Journey


                              • Good luck, Gopintos. I hope it is going well for you.

                                I just got back from my long trek to and from the yarn shop. Halfway back, I felt a surge of energy. It was nice to know I could feel energetic during a fast, not just okay or tired.