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broken tooth... dentist or caveman?

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  • broken tooth... dentist or caveman?

    Last year I broke the corner off my molar, while biting on an olive that still had a stone in it! The dentist covered it over with a white 'veneer'. Luckily there was no pain associated with it, and life carried on as normal...

    Till this morning. When biting on a particularly hard piece of chocolate bark, I broke it off again. Big hole now, feels funny to my tongue, but again, no pain.

    I've been reading recently that teeth can actually heal themselves. Quite a few references to them being 'living' tissue, they can actually regenerate.

    So... do I go back to the dentist and get another 'band-aid' solution, or do I put the theory to the test and see what happens when nature and biology are allowed to take their course?

    Thoughts, fellow primals.
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    I have read about healing your teeth too. If you go that rout I would love to hear all about it.


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      While not as severe as your broken tooth, I do have a few cavities that I'm attempting to heal with lots of bone broth and organ meats. I've noticed a lot less dental sensitivity since cutting out the massive amounts of sugar I used to consume.

      At least I've stopped the damage, and would be thrilled if I'm able to see repair. I'm skeptical but open to the possibility of tooth healing, as it fits into my world view pretty nicely, but time will tell if this bit of CW is true or not. I remember hearing from a dentist a while back that your teeth are the only part of your body incapable of healing, which struck me as pretty odd.

      That said, your tooth my be to the point where it needs repair or it's going to become a pit that food collects in, which could get pretty nasty.

      Whether for this tooth, or your others, just be sure to watch for signs of infection (swelling/redness/pain) and keep us posted if you see any progress.


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        I've had problems with chipping a couple of my bottom front teeth. The lower inside bits would just get bumped, I don't even know how. Sometimes it was biting hard stuff. Regardless, I've never seen a dentist about them, and they're just fine. If I really rub my tongue against them I can feel where the chip used to be, but what was once a serious hole is now just a slightly different texture.

        I always wondered if my teeth had healed, I'd just gotten used to it or maybe my gums covered up the holes. Good to know that it's likely the first choice. I still remember all the stuff about teeth being unable to heal, but I've only been to a dentist once in my life, and I'm pretty sure my teeth are fantastic (although a necessary checkup will soon prove or disprove me on this point!).

        If it doesn't bother you, I'd say let it be.


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          I really don't believe teeth can heal.
          I did for awhile, but then I watched a documentary about various hunter/gatherer tribes and all the adults had rotten teeth.


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            I personally would go to the dentist, "back in the day", I cracked my tooth. I let it go for a few years then I broke the same tooth, and sadly it had to be removed


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              I'm glad you asked this question, because I just broke a molar a few weeks ago (doesn't hurt, but a hole in the back of the molar) and I'd like to see what people think about getting it fixed. I haven't gone to the dentist yet


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                They have new materials now~ no mercury, minimal drilling, can be patched~ why risk losing a tooth? They are important for jawbone strength~


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                  for goodness sakes, go to the dentist. don't forsake modern medicine. don't be silly.


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                    Originally posted by jakey View Post
                    for goodness sakes, go to the dentist. don't forsake modern medicine. don't be silly.

                    Grok would totally take advantage of dentistry if he'd had the chance.


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                      Yep, I'm in the "go to the dentist" camp too. You can make things a lot worse by hoping something some guy on the internet said is true.


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                        I have never heard about teeth being able to heal so I'm not going to say anything about that, but I do know that you are much more likely to get cavities because it's harder to keep the area clean. In the end you might have to have the tooth extracted and that's never fun. If I were you I would try to save it while I could.
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                          Get it fixed.
                          Archaeologists can tell a lot about ancient skeletons by the wear/damage on the teeth - obviously it didn't heal up for them....


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                            O for heaven's sake, eating paleo macros doesn't make you superhuman.
                            Every documentary on paleo man I've ever seen mentions how many dental lesions they had and how many died of tooth abcesses.
                            Go to the dentist already.
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                              Think of it this way..
                              Go to the dentist and get the band-aid.
                              Look up some stuff about teeth healing and what to eat and give it a shot. Your tooth would still heal with the band-aid approach but without the risk of losing your tooth if it doesnt heal.

                              I have heard of people healing their cavities.. check out all the comments on the cod liver/butter oil. Grok may not have had consistant enough access to certain things that could promote teeth re-growth.
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                              Again I wouldnt take the risk tho.. go to the dentist, and try to heal it
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