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    Finally figured it may be beneficial for me to start a journal. So here it is. My goal is to jot down my foods during the week (EVEN IF THEY AREN'T THE BEST CHOICES SOMETIMES).

    Some stats:



    -Trying to Conceive

    -Have had many "food issues"

    -Although I probably shouldn't be trying to lose weight now, I'd like to... (However, if / when I do get pregnant, I know that some weight gain is normal)

    Today's Eats

    No workout this am, but plan a 45-60 minute hike with the dogs later today.

    - One cup raw milk (suggested as I'm ttc)

    - One hard boiled egg, 3/4 cup whole milk yogurt with chia seeds.

    - chicken thigh, spinach, beets and butter, 1/2 avocado

    - Salmon with butter, broccoli and spinach with butter, some black olives, 1/2 avocado

    (possibly some papaya with dinner as well)

    throughout the day:

    Goal - 2 liters filtered H20

    about 6 oz kombucha

    some macadamia nuts if I'm a little hungry

    This isn't a "DIET" so I'm going to be flexible with myself and if I'm hungry - eat some fat / protein.

    Here we go...

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    So... I'm on track with what I expected today; however, I realize that I'm having a hard time getting the protein down (as meat). I did eat the chicken thigh today, but would rather not have (although I was hungry).

    Realized I was pretty hungry at lunch and that I never ate the yogurt (so I had it at lunch with the chicken).


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      okay.. so no salmon tonight - wasn't feeling it.

      Instead I am having 1.5 sausages, broccoli and butter, fresh raw sauerkraut.

      Also had some whipped cream ealier


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        CONFESSIONAL.... I had some baklava after dinner last night. I know that it wasn't a good choice...


        1 cup raw milk

        either oysters and v8 (I know V8 isn't optimal - but is it really "bad"? I like it with the oysters.

        OR 1 boiled egg (OR MAYBE BOTH as I'm hungry)

        Lunch: sausage and fresh mozzarella. WHERE ARE MY VEGGIES?? I did bring carrots, but may have to buy a salad as well... oops.

        Dinner: Salmon and veggies? Or I am tempted to make hollandaise sauce. I love hollandaise sauce! Maybe make the hollandaise for the veggies WITH the salmon. Ahh... the possibilities are endless.

        Also may want the 1/2 avocado filled with caviar, sour cream, and lemon. Haven't had that in FOREVER (afraid of the fat).

        I didn't drink all of the 2 liters of water yesterday.


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          Just had salmon with homemade hollandaise, broccoli, and artichoke hearts.

          The hollandaise was super easy to make in my Vitamix blender (but I used salted butter so it ended up too salty ...


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              Yesterday went well... although I did have a piece of baklava again . I "Justified" it by saying that there were "only" 13 carbs in it and I was not high on carbs for the day. I need to just kick this habit - it's just something I look forward to. I just need to stop. Easy peasy.


              2 ltr. water

              - 1 c. raw milk

              - 1 egg & 1 string cheese

              - salmon (a small piece 3 oz? not nearly enough), a little hollandaise sauce, & broccoli

              I'm already hungry and can tell that this won't be enough food to hold me over until 4. Going to have to change that.

              *Yes, if this looks familiar... I used to post under s t i n i k a but had to change ...


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                I feel that this "journal" thing may not last much longer...

                Today is pretty much like other days - I did bring more food though.

                May go out and have fajitas for dinner. YUM! (After rock climbing.)

                Never ate the string cheese yesterday. Should make the custard that was posted yesterday as that my satisfy my want for something "special" after dinner.

                All in all, yesterday was better...