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Question on Corn and Evaporated Cane Juice.

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  • Question on Corn and Evaporated Cane Juice.

    Is evaporated cane juice just sugar? And if so a little here or there isn't such a bad thing. Especially if its only a bit on a carb up?

    Also I've been trying to come up with different things to eat on carb ups after heavy lifting. I usually go for rice and a potato but i saw in a carb refeed thread on here some have used cornbread and corn products. Would this be a viable option if used sparingly? Say a package of Corn tortillas where the only ingredients are corn and lime juice? I also have a bag here of gluten free corn bread mix I was wanting to try. But i know corn is a grain and thus to be avoided. But looking at the nutritionals of corn it seems to be along the same lines as white rice.

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    Thanks to chocotaco many a carbups I've done have included corn bread from a recipe he showed us. Probably not ideal but whatever. It is gluten free and low fat so its perfect with some homemade jam. I've also used tortillas before, but again its not ideal, like at all.


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      im all for convience and fermenting some corn seems like a lot of work. I think ill just have a little but of the corn bread. But also if some people seem to use corn here, sparingly, why does it get such a bad rap? just because its a grain?


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        Yes because it's a grain, but also because it can be problematic. It's one of the highest allergen foods.
        Also most of the corn products on the market are GMO corn so like wheat and soy, it's just not what nature created.