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Heterocyclic amines (whatever those are)

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  • Heterocyclic amines (whatever those are)

    This question's been stewing in my mind ever since I spent some time on LLVLC last week. I listened to the interviews with Mat Lalonde (total badass, by the way) and Loren Cordain, and they both expressed worries over high heat cooking methods like grilling and frying. Cordain even said he doesn't eat the charred outside out his grilled meat (!!), which is the part I personally find the the most alluring.

    So many of the beliefs and behaviors in this community seem predicated on the actual behavior of hunter gatherers, so I guess my question is this: Are there any tribal societies that make any effort or have the capacity to slow cook their meat?

    Forgive any ignorance I might be displaying, but it seems to me that charred meat is our birthright.

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    Come on, no one wants to discuss heterocyclic amines? I thought this was a fun-loving crowd.