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Butcher's mince quality?

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  • Butcher's mince quality?

    I just bought 5lbs of mince meat (ground beef) from a local butchers for a tenner which seems a pretty decent price tbf
    It looks a very bright red, much brighter than the supermarket stuff, and the other thread about the whistleblowers in tescos and sainsburys made me think it was a good idea to start eating from local butchers and helping them out as well, especially after the meat scare
    But how do you know their meat is of better quality? is the brightness a good indicator? is it because they specialise in meat?
    Maybe the taste test will tell!
    If man made it, don't eat it

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    Bright red is not an indication of quality, beef is sprayed with a solution to make it red (and attractive for customers).
    There's not telling if your butcher has better quality - unless he can tell you where the cow grazed. Most butchers buy from mass slaughter houses, just like super markets. You can ask if he grinds his own mince, that would indicate better quality and less pink-slosh.


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      then where the hell do i get good quality beef?
      If man made it, don't eat it


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        At a good butchers. While living in the far north of Scotland the butchers would tell you which farm the cattle was from and you could even ask them to grind the mince fresh for you.
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          I'm in Sussex, but often go to butchers in Northumberland too - when visiting my parents. ALL of the butchers I use have a board up saying which farms the meat is from, and all is organic or free range / grass fed. If a butcher doesn't do this - I don't shop there.

          Ask what cuts go into the mince - my local butcher (Sussex!) said I could watch them making the mince if I wanted - I didn't bother. It is super. He showed me the meat used and I bought two pounds, which I minced myself - absolutely no discernible difference from the mince I buy there.

          If in doubt - buy meat and mince / grind it yourself. If you have a Kenwood Chef, there is an excellent mincing attachment. If you haven't you can get hand operated mincers from second hand shops, ebay - all sorts of places and they do an excellent job.

          But try to get grass fed and fairly fatty cuts! Lean mince makes dry burgers!!!