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Jewellery turning my skin black!

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  • Jewellery turning my skin black!

    I do remember reading somewhere on this fab forum that jewellery turning skin black was a symptom of ...something? I have not had this happen to me before so am wondering just what the issue is.
    I have tried a general search but it seems my search terms are not working.
    Is there anyone who can remember a thread about this?
    thanks in advance
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    I don't know the thread you are talking about but there used to be a belief that jewellery turning black was a sign of iron deficiency. I have heard that this is a myth. Is this jewellery you have been wearing a while, or new stuff? What is it made of?
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      Originally posted by jacmac View Post
      I do remember reading somewhere on this fab forum that jewellery turning skin black was a symptom of ...something
      That something is probably cheap "base" metals & alloys can oxidize easily, especially in the presence of moisture and salt from sweat. If you have 2 or more different metals in contact, you can get galvanic corrosion as well. I once had a wristwatch that I liked, but in hot weather it left greenish-black verdigris all over my wrist and shirt-cuffs...had to junk it.
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        The jewellery is costume OR cheap! but I have been wearing it for a long time without any reactions. I just wondered if in my change in diet I am missing a mineral or something.
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          Well, at least you can still wear your jewelery. My watch has to go up to pretty much my elbow to stay on and my class ring (which I got nearly 5 years ago) doesn't fit on any finger I have. Admittedly, I can get these things resized, and it's a bit annoying that it doesn't fit.

          But it's also really awesome because I remember when neither the watch or the ring fit. Primal rocks.
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            My good quality Calvin Klein stainless steel watch makes my wrist black. Especially when I moisturize, all this black stuff smears all over my arm.


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              I've read somewhere that it's more likely some component of makeup or moisturizers that react with either the gold or base metal in jewelry, and that humidity can also play a factor. I do know that it's not just cheap jewelry and it's not always consistent. I have had problems with my rings in the past, then none for several years, but a couple weeks ago I had a bit of the black smudge around my wedding ring.


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                My 14K gold wedding ring and engagement ring turn my skin black when I am on my period. Only real gold or real silver ever leave black marks. More so on my face where my skin is more oily. Mostly when I do not have makeup on. I was always told it was iron deficiency and the darker the marks the lower the iron. Three out of four weeks of the month my rings just leave grey marks. Cheap jewellery doesn't do this to me at all. Except copper which turns green
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