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Carb flu roller coaster

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  • Carb flu roller coaster

    I'm going on 2 weeks now low carb (about 50 daily) and high fat. Right when I think I am in the clear and the worst is behind me I get a wave of exhaustion and a mood swing that would terrify Godzilla. Is it typical for carb flu symptoms to come and go or be more present at various times of day? I assumed it was a steady state of misery that simply switched off one day and stayed gone forever. This thing is like a tease for me.
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    Primal since March '12, dairy free (except butter), no fruit, no sweeteners, 50 carbs average daily

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    50 grams a day would be considered very low carb. Very low carb is not for everyone. How active are you? I had similar issues but have felt much better since I increased my carb intake to about 100-150 grams. Especially on days when you get lots of exercise. Also, Try to keep your protein intake from getting too high. No more than 1 gram per pound of body weight.


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      I agree - a lot of people blindly adopt the vlc diet despite plenty of controversy around whether or not it's actually best. If you're doing intense exercise even a few days a week, upping the carbs as b.good says may be optimal for you.


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        vlc has been debunked here for most peeps.

        Go for moderate carbs in line with your activity levels. If you are moderately active that's around 100-150 g carbs daily.
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          My activity level is very low right now. I figured I'd kick it up a notch after my energy starts to kick in. I jump on my rebounder here and there. It's about like walking. And as for protein, I don't count grams but I do eat a small portion with dinner and a mid day snack. Mostly just fats though and some low carb veggies.

          To be more specific, I usually have just coffee for breakfast-sometimes with coconut oil

          Lunch might be the same or maybe some fried eggs (2-3)

          Dinner is usually a low carb veggie cooked in or covered with healthy fats and a high fat meat choice like sausage

          dessert is a cup of berries covered with a tbs of coconut oil

          I just want to add, I was consuming a lot of heavy cream when I originally posted this thread. I have since stopped eating any cream because I tend to go overboard. Can dairy have any affect on energy?

          So with the specifics, let me know what you all think I should change with my activity level being very minimal as it has had to be. (to pooped to work out)
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          Staring weight-160 (Dec '11) * Current weight-145 * Goal weight-130

          Primal since March '12, dairy free (except butter), no fruit, no sweeteners, 50 carbs average daily


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            So are you coming off a 'grainy' diet previously, where you might have had >250g of carbs a day? And 50g isn't working well?
            As the others said try increasing that amount a lot. You can bring it down later if you wish. It's not a race.