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Thoughts on this cheese?

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  • Thoughts on this cheese?

    There's a local company that makes "raw milk cheese." On their website, they claim that they pasture their dairy cows 365 days a year and feed hay during the winter when grass isn't readily available.

    After talking with the owner though, they do give "minimal grain." I asked why, and they said they give 12 lbs/grain while the cows are in the barn milking. Sounded like grain mainly consisted of corn and soy.

    Not sure how much this would hurt the nutritional value of the cheese, so thought I'd post all of this here and get some feedback. What are your thoughts. Pass? Consume?

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    If you tolerate cheese sure.


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      That's not unusual on a dairy farm (I grew up on one). Farmers do that mainly to keep the cow focused and calm during the milking process.


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        Sounds delicious, go for it! Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good.
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