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No food, feeling queasy

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  • No food, feeling queasy

    Today is the first time this has happened . . .

    On a daily basis, I have my last meal at 5pm, then don't eat again until the next day at noon. In the morning I have a black coffee with a bit of heavy whipping cream. Normally I feel just fine until it's time to eat at noon, but today I feel very hungry, almost nauseated. I'm kind of suspicious that it might be the slight cheat I had last night: I was at my girlfriend's house and she has eats the SAD in the worst way. Anyway, I snuck one shortbread cookie and a chocolate candy. Is it at all feasible that this bit of junk is causing me to feel this way today?


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    That much of a sugar hit could have been enough to spike your insulin and the effects you're feeling now are likely a sugar drop. I find that coffee with cream can do that to me if I don't have food with it. Have an early, high-protein lunch and you'll be fine.


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      Just had 3 eggs, some sardines and tuna, and feeling much better!