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  • Red Palm Oil Question

    Hello. I was just wondering if anyone knows whether cooking with (or heating) red palm oil will compromise its level or concentration of carotenes and/or vitamin E tocopherols. I know that this oil is very stable at high temperatures, but does this also mean that all of its nutrition remains in tact at high temps? Thanks to anyone who can shed light on this for me

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    Here is some info about Red Palm Oil.

    Palm Oil: A Nutritional Gem

    Welcome to Jungle Products Inc. - Red Palm Oil

    Can Red Palm Oil protect the heart?

    I did read somewhere that the caretenoids and vit E survive cooking, but I eat it raw - a teaspoon twice a day. Yuk, yet it makes me feel good! haven't used it for cooking YET - but I shall when I next make curry.
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      I found something from a credible website in case there are others interested

      Virgin Palm Oil has a very high smoke point at about 425 degrees F., making it an excellent oil for frying. However, the longer you use high heat, the more you will destroy the natural antioxidants. Virgin Palm Oil should not be reused after one frying. Studies have shown that about 70% of the carotenes are retained after one deep frying, but after 4 deep fries there will be virtually no carotenes left.