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Biologically, why do nuts slow weight loss?

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  • Biologically, why do nuts slow weight loss?

    Here's a tough nut to crack: (har har, I am hilarious)

    I understand perfectly why dairy slow weight loss. Dairy was designed to pack weight onto baby animals, and elicits a higher than normal insulin response compared to it's carb content.

    I understand why fruit can cause weight loss. The natural sugars spikes insulin, as well as the liver fights to shuttle any fructose immediately into fat storage.

    I do not understand the biological reasons why nuts are blamed for stalls in weight loss. I thought about the carbs, but they are mostly fiber, and you'd have to eat a ridiculous amount of nuts for any real amount of carb content.

    Maybe are there no biological reasons? Is it just because it's an easy 'grab-a-handful' snack?
    Because I have no problem weighing out portions of nuts so that I know how many calories, and how many of the macro-nutrients I am taking in.
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    To be honest, I lost most of the weight on primal while still eating nuts.

    However, my guess would be that they are calorically dense, but they do NOT create satiety in the brain the way other food sources do for some people.
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      I agree with jammies--calorically dense but not really 'satisfying' in small amounts, so people tend to consume too many calories.

      Those who don't have a problem with nuts usually control the amount they eat to continue to lose weight.


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        Don't blame in on the dairy or nuts. Nothing stops your weightloss as long as you're energy in<energy out.
        I can loose easily eating low fat cottage cheese with almonds or shredded coconut every day. It's bodybuilding staple food for years


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          I believe that the combination of fat and carb in the nuts, in addition to the antinutrients/toxicity (are you soaking and slow drying them 'em?), bad oil ratio and the fact that they are trigger/binge/'snack' foods are all contributing factors to stalling people. Satiation value of nuts is very low in most people compared to the caloric and carb load you are getting.
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            On primal, nuts can stall bc people eat them instead of real food bc they are easier. You can easily eat a couple thousand calories in nuts without thinking.

            Nuts also are full of O6, the excess of which is arguably the single biggest factor in SAD being unhealthy. I consider excessive O6 to be the biggest thing to avoid.

            On top of that large amounts of nuts are physically difficult to digest- humans aren't really built to digest large quantities of them. Ask an already damaged digestive system to handle large quantities, and you'll get stress.

            Some people can handle nuts better than others, and some nuts are easier to handle than others. Every situation is different.

            People often lose weight while eating nuts bc their situation is such that any improvement will cause improvement. As you get closer to ideal body status, "not as bad as it could be" doesn't always cut it.
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