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Ground Beef vs. Steak (nutrionally speaking)

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  • Ground Beef vs. Steak (nutrionally speaking)

    I am curious as to how ground beef stacks up against steaks in a nutritional comparison.

    Obviously, most ground beef is made up of the less desirable cuts of meat.
    As I understand it, these cuts are less desirable because they contain more fibrous and connective tissue.

    I see a lot of people advocating eating more gristle, connective tissue etc... which I've been doing and enjoying.
    Would this give some the nutritional upper hand to Ground Beef, considering that most of us concede that we usually eat too much "muscle" and not enough "other". Of course the "other" in Ground Beef isn't as beneficial as liver or brains might be, but it's still variety.

    It goes without saying that I would prefer to eat a steak over ground beef, and will continue consuming both in massive quantities, I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on this.

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    Hesitantly bumping as this made it to the second page very quickly, and I was hoping to hear some opinions.


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      I suppose it depends on what nutrients you are looking for. According to ground beef has more b12 than, say, a sirloin steak, but has less niacin and B6. I'd imagine it's best to eat a wide variety of beef to get the most nutrients. I think the main reason ground beef uses "less desirable" cuts is because those cuts are tough in their original form and grinding makes them easier to chew. I don't think they are "less desirable" based on nutritional value.


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        I prefer the lean ground beef.


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          Hmm. I did find it interesting that nutritiondata says that ground beef is mildly inflammatory while sirloin steak is mildly anti-inflammatory. Not sure why that would be. Perhaps because of a better omega-3/6 ratio?


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            as long as the meat came from the same cow...a grass fed one. it should be very close.

            i like ground meat because it can be used for different things, this month i'm going to start cutting my ground beef with offal...helps sneak it in for the family


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              Originally posted by Insane Grok View Post
              this month i'm going to start cutting my ground beef with offal...helps sneak it in for the family
              I have the same devious intention.


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                I've ground meat a few times at home and it seems that alot of the sinew and connective tissue gets caught on the blade. This may be particular to the type of grinder I use, I don't know.