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  • Red Meat Warning??!!!

    What a pain! Just as I am coming back around to the belief that I should be eating (and getting my clients to!) embrace eating red meat, out comes a warning (just was on SKY news) re red meat - that its consumption connected to increased the chances of dying from heart disease (by 16% )and of cancer (by 10%). Its a Harvard study too just to lend it serious weight (no pun intended)....Any explanations for this that will help me stick to my guns on eating (and advising others) to eat red meat?

    (I've pasted a link on it below if you want to paste into your brower to read on the study...)



    Red meat early death study: Eating it regularly 'increases risk of death from heart disease' | Mail Online

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    I've been reading that CAFO-produced fatty cuts of red meat, with high omega-6 content in the fat, can cause this sort of problem because the fat basically gets destroyed and deformed (made into trans fat, sort f) when cooked at high temps. You want to go grass-fed if possible, as the fat has more omega-3 and the fat is of better quality so it stays stable and healthy when cooked. I'm not being very scientific and don't have any of the posts I've recently read to back this up right now, but this is my recollection. Anyone else?

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      She said: 'This US study looked at associations between high intakes of red meat and risk of mortality, finding a positive association between the two. However, the study was observational, not controlled, and so cannot be used to determine cause and effect.

      Read more: Red meat early death study: Eating it regularly 'increases risk of death from heart disease' | Mail Online


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        boy this topic is popular today. this makes me think of this article i read earlier:

        8 Lies It's Surprisingly Easy to Tell as a Health Reporter |


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          Check out the other threads on it, it's utter crap.
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            No it's not utter crap - it's what you can do from that kind of data. Note that the causal mechanisms are all speculation - iron levels in red meat, nitrates, etc. It's not asking the question "why" just saying hey, people who eat more red meats die earlier even after we (attempt) to control for exercise smoking and family history, etc. It's what you can do with the data you have.
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              What is the red meat in question? Is it grass fed or grain fed? Is it served as burgers, cooked in soy, made from "retrieved cuts", and with bread buns and french fries cooked in N6 oils? Note the word "processed".

              There just isn't enough data to make me want to give up my delicious, organic, grass fed beef and lamb. Which I believe to be heart healthy and totally safe.


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                Grilled up a 10oz steak last night for dinner...
                Eating 1/3lb of ground organic grass fed beef now for lunch....

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                  Good lord do we need yet another topic about this? What's this, the 100th one? Read Mark's blog.
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