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    Hi, so I bought some cod liver oil from holland and barrett yesterday, it doesnt taste too pleasant but i dont mind
    The problem is i read that you can tell if its poor quality if you burp and it smells fishy, which happened to me a bit later in the day
    Also I read that fish oil is better than cod liver oil but i cant seem to find it anywhere
    does anyone in the uk know of any good brands or places to buy fish oil or cod liver oil?
    If man made it, don't eat it

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    You should be able to pick it up at Holland & Barrett, it's called "Omega 3 Fish Oil" and is in a red container. I've also seen salmon and other specific fish oils there too but can't remember the others, might be worth having a look at their online site.


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      Cheers guys
      If man made it, don't eat it


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        Hi, just wondering how you take this - I really don't think I could take this by the spoonfull??!! That's why I prefer capsules so I don't have to taste anything but I'm thinking that liquid form may be better - but don't wanna buy it just for it to sit there cos I can't stomach it, lol!!

        H x
        An English girl who's been on lots of different diets, weight gone up and down but always been a naturalist at heart and have always wondered why "Conventional Wisdom" diets don't allow you to eat red meat and nuts - that are purely natural things?! So feel I've found my niche in the PB/Paleo Lifestyle and really want to make this my way of life for good!!!


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          I've got the H&B "Omega 3 Fish Oil" as well (currently on offer buy one get second half price). They seem good, I'm not sure on the dosage I have currently just been taking one per day. Any thoughts?


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            What do you actually want it for? Is it predominantly for the omega 3?

            If it is, you might wanna consider getting krill oil. It contains natural astaxanthin which stops it from going rancid and is easier to absorb. sell Dr Mercola's Krill oil which is the best, but it's expensive. If you want to save cash, then look at for their one, it's cheaper but not quite as good.