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  • Hfcs

    I have just listened to a Podcast from and they were discussing the American obsession with high fructose corn syrup and the latest TV adverts advocating it as harmless as honey or table sugar.

    Prior to 1957 there was no such thing as HFCS

    In a recent study of 1400 high school students they found out that 1/3 or their calorific intake was from HFCS. The trouble is most Americans don't realise this because it is an additive.

    2005 Americans ate on average 42lbs per person of HFCS

    in 2007 Colorado was the only state with 20% of the population qualifying as obese, it was a lot higher in every other state

    between 1994 - 2005 there was a 23% increase in diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes

    Grelin, the amino acid which tells your brain you are full is not produced when you eat HFCS that is why people can eat whole boxes of dohnuts etc.

    I must admit prior to eating Primal on my holidays to the US we noticed how sweet the bread was and when looking at the packaging realising that HFCS was added to bread! why? it tasted far too sweet for our UK tastes. We don't appear to have it as much over here in the UK and that I guess is down to the large subsidies in the US as a pose to Europe for the corn farmers.....however it is creeping in.

    Just another reminder why we eat the way we do. (and more facts to add to your discussions with family & friends).
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