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I lost 9 lbs in a week

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  • I lost 9 lbs in a week

    I went skiing for a few days and decided to IF while there and on the journey (2 days driving each way), not least because my brother went to McDonald's every day while on the road! While there, I'd ski on an empty stomach, then come back at maybe 1 or 2 pm, have a salad, and go back to finish the day. Then in the evening have a bit of meat (6-8 oz) and some green vegetable in coconut milk, a pot of natural yogurt and a small amount of raw milk cheese (I was in France!).

    I came back 4 kgs (9 lbs) lighter than when I'd left. Mostly water weight, some fat and a little muscle? My caloric deficit must have been quite huge, seeing as I was skiing for several hours a day (3000+ calories per day?)and consuming very little food (I'm guessing 1000-1500 calories a day) but obviously not enough to generate that amount of fat loss. I am noticeably thinner (cheeks starting to cave in) and feel great. For all you skiers out there, by the way, skiing on an empty stomach is the way to go! I had so much energy and felt really light!

    I probably should have had a 'carb day' to replenish my glycogen, as I did have a mini binge one day when I felt some cravings, but overall it was very successful. Definitely not the best way to lose weight, but I just thought it was an interesting experience. Now back to routine

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    i workout on empty stomach most days and my energy is much better that way! i never thought i could do that, just half a year ago i was one of this people, thinking that i am gonna die if i don't eat every 3-4 h. - IF changed my life!

    7/14: 156 lbs.
    weight in's:

    7/17: 153.5 lbs.
    7/18: 152.5 lbs.

    goalweight: 130 lbs.


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      Couldn't agree more IF is the best thing I've learned about Primal in my opinion!


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        I have been doing IF ala and have seen a pound per day coming off for the 1st week. That has slowed down in the past 2 weeks, but I did drop 5 pounds last night! I know it's water and I have been really exerting myself playing Volleyball in the evenings and keeping my morning workout routine. Just weird how it comes off in spurts.
        SW on 10/1/11: 380lbs.
        CW 12/13/12: 315lbs. (Was under 300#, added some muscle :-) )
        GW: 10% B.F. 250lbs. - 275lbs. (6' 4" tall)