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Needing Carbs or Deficiency of some sort? Been "Primal" for 1.5 years

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  • Needing Carbs or Deficiency of some sort? Been "Primal" for 1.5 years

    Hey, I'm new to this website, but I am not new to this type of diet and lifestyle. I've been following a strict form of Primal for about 1.5 years. I'm 5'8", weigh 120 lbs and am 23 years old. I eat ONLY meat, fish and veggies. I get my main fats from coconut oil, butter, EVOO and animal fats. I went Primal to cure many health problems, detoxify toxins and heavy metals, and thus transform my candida back into a normal state. Although many of my issues have cleared or improved, it seems i'm still suffering. However, after 1.5 years of following this protocol I still suffer from several aggravating symptoms, such as:

    Headaches, insomnia, low weight, low libido, intolerance to cold weather, cold hands and feet, hair loss and dandruff, cracked heels and Keratosis pilaris (which has cleared up), lethargy (sometimes), can't get a deep breath sometimes, weakness, constipation (still! After 1.5 years, never had this issue before primal), can't seem to really have any emotions, digestive weakness..

    I'm not sure if this is a deificiency of some sort..I supplement with Vit C, D, A, E, Omega 3s, Mg/Ca (1:1 ratio) and probiotics/ B HCL digestive aids...My daily intake is around 1400-2000 calories, 100-150 grams of fat, 10-45 grams of carbs, 100 grams of protein (ratios are: 70% fat, 9% carbs, 21% protein). I maybe have sugar and grains once every couple months..Not even.

    When I do add some brown rice into my diet, I feel calm, warm and overall much, much better! Even my constipation starts to stop. But, I'm not sure if I still have candida, so I keep forcing myself to refrain from eating carbs. I don't even care to eat sugar, and I don't get the cravings, even after eating them. I've never had an issue with being overweight, always under. But, that was when I ate junk food and had a poor lifestyle.

    So, has anyone had these issues and seen them clear up after adding some carbs to their diet? I've been frustrated with these Primal issues for over a year , so please understand I'm not weak minded or am still "transitioning" into the diet. You all have my thanks in advance.

    Ryan, Primal for 1.5 years

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    I would up your carbs for sure, These are typical symptoms associated by VLC, and hyperthyroidism.. Eat more tubers and white rice. You might need iodine supplementation as well.. check it.

    Due to the frequency of these issues, it seems clear to me that VLC is not for most people. Eat at least 50g a day, some days higher.... until you are feeling better.
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      I've read credible reports of people not thriving on Paleo due to lack of nutrients, specifically nutrients found in offal, bones, cartillage. I would recommend bone broth and liver several times a week. If you already do this, you maybe need to add way more fresh veggies. Not sure what your vegetables are. Hopefully you are eating heaping piles of leafy greens and a rainbow of colors. Adding in some carbs can't hurt, but make sure your non-starch veg and bone/offal is there, too.

      It sounds like you are hypothyroid. Get checked by a doctor ASAP.


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        I would suggest upping your carbs, if you feel better with some rice then do it! What your body is telling you trumps whatever anyone else says. You might want to up your calories as well, 1400-2000 seems low for someone that's already as thin as you are, especially if you're active.


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          That's some nice ketosis you're running there. As far as I know, ketosis without CT runs the risk of hypothyroidism and insulin resistance (?). Apparently warm-adapted mammals need some sort of carbs. Up the carbs to about 125g per day, and have a refeed once a week until you feel better is what I'd do. Refeeds are meant to upregulate metabolism (hopefully). Mostly uninformed opinion though. Refeed thread:

          EDIT: Oh wow, didn't even read the part about the brown rice. If it makes you feel good, do it! Sounds like more carbs are exactly what you need. You're doing yourself more harm than good at this point.


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            You sound like a thyroid case. I don't see any reason why you aren't eating in the 150g/day of carbs range. If I were you, I would:

            1.) Up carbs to 150g/day average immediately.
            2.) Lower vegetable intake, particularly crucifers and other goitrogens.
            3.) Start supplementing with iodine, or at least kelp pills, to the tune of at least 1.5mg of iodine a day (maybe more).
            4.) Make sure you get some fructose in your diet. Have at least one serving of fruit every day.
            5.) Up calories to 2,200/day average.
            6.) Buy Himalayan pink salt (not cheap white table salt or "sea salt" - buy salt with color in it) and start putting it liberally on everything that salt tastes good on - meat, salad, fruit, whatever. Up your salt intake ASAP.

            That should really help you out. If I were you, I'd try and eat isocalorically: 33% fat/33% carbs/33% protein every day. On a 2,200 calorie diet, that would be like eating 183g carbs, 183g protein and 81g of fat a day. I would anticipate immediate changes to libido and mood, with your hair loss slowing. If you really want to help stall or even reverse hair loss, start eating lots of shredded carrot and canned pumpkin puree. They're fantastic pro-gut health foods. IMO, hair loss is most notably a thyroid issue caused by hormonal imbalance (too much serotonin and cortisol). Chronic low-carb diets will do this and really slow your thyroid/metabolic rate. I eat at least a serving of fruit and a small handful of chocolate chips a day to give me a little fructose and sucrose.
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              Ive been battling candida for nearly 2 years. Just discovered Candida [Candidiasis], The Yeast Syndrome
              the supplements will be the most useful for you I think. The diet is basically primal.
              Do you have dairy? It could be feeding it.
              Carbs might not be the answer, as candida is fed on sugars.


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                although sounds like you take most of those supplements.


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                  Hey guys,

                  Wow, the support in these forums is amazing! Not to mention quick. The group I used to belong to wasn't nearly as supportive as this! And It's comforting to see people who are more open minded, unlike the last group I was a part of. Thank you all =)

                  My primary veggies are: Broccoli, brussels sprouts green beans, Kale, Swiss Chard, Cauliflower, sweet peppers. I bamboo steam them for 10-15 minutes to avoid the goitrogens. I do consume a decent amount of them, like 7 ounces for 2/3 of my meals. I don't eat any dairy, except grass-fed butter, and I consume Celtic Grey Sea Salt - about a teaspoon a day. I did start making Beef stews with chuck, ox tails, bone marrows, beef liver, onions, garlic and gelatin powder. They seem to help a bit, but not much. I usually just get flushy, bloated and short of breath. I did take an iodine supplement, which made my breathe very shallow, made me anemic and then made me sweat, which smelled funky..I did have a bowel movement the next day though, but then my skin started getting pimples. Could've been the manganese in the iodine supplement too, since it had several other nutrients in it as well. I'm afraid of taking too much iodine and damaging my thyroid too.

                  My brothers usually say my breath has a funny odor to it too, and it does kind seem a little nasty in the mornings..And, I stills struggle with not feeling hungry. I have an appetite, but I don't have that hunger feeling in my stomach..if that makes sense, haha. Only reason why I'm afraid of eating fructose is because of my suspicions of candida, but then again, my holistic doctor tested me and it came back negative, even for negative for parasites and any other bacteria. I've heard VLC can impact your thyroid, so maybe just add some potatoes and/or rice? I added carrots to my stew today, so maybe that'll help. If the carbs don't help, then I'll add a isolated kelp supplement into my diet for iodine. If that doesn't help, then I'm so lost, haha.

                  And one other thing about my libido...I lost my libido at age 17, right when I began Paxil. But, I quit Paxil within a week of taking it, however, my libido was never the it's been 6 years since it's been low..and it always seems strongest in the morning..Sometimes it comes, but rarely.

                  Ryan, 1.5 years Primal
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                    While BMI isn't the be all end all, you are very light on for a male with a BMI of just over 18, I would say up the carbs you have plenty of scope to do so.
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                      On that site I linked you to there is a link to a questionnaire to see if you likely have candida.
                      If not then likely the extra carbs will help (if from good sources of course


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                        You said you have candida, correct? A good website that helped me a ton is: Healing Naturally by Bee - Home Page

                        It's a bit extreme, and I'm not sure if she's a 100% correct, but I find the information very interesting. I followed her protocol for 6 months. I believe she throws too many supplements at the body though, so I don't recommend going on her program 100%.

                        Have you had any success with your candida?


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                          LOL that is the same site I linked you to


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                            Yes ive had success with various treatments from the naturopath, then kyolic garlic, and oregano capsules. But it comes back because Ive been stupidly still having dairy (with coffee) and that sets it off big time.
                            I am a week coffee and dairy free, and already less itching.
                            I just have to try really hard to stay away from dairy and coffee and I think it will stay away with getting healthier.
                            Still need more sleep, but still working on that
                            Goodluck with your journey.


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                              Man, that's insane that you have been eating that low carb for so long with your age and stats. Take ChocoTaco369's advice. I ran into these types of problems and more after 6 months of very low carb as well.
                              Add in low GI potatoes and start eating apples and other fruit besides berries to embrace the health-boosting, performance-enhancing, mood-lifting benefits of the dietary carbohydrate. (AC quote)
                              Maybe also some fried white rice with butter, meat and veges.

                              From marksdailyapple.

                              0-50 grams/day – Ketosis and Accelerated Fat Burning

                              Acceptable for a day or two of Intermittent Fasting towards aggressive weight loss efforts, provided adequate protein, fat and supplements are consumed otherwise. May be ideal for many diabetics. Not necessarily recommended as a long-term practice for otherwise healthy people due to resultant deprivation of high nutrient value vegetables and fruits.
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