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METH and a knee injury

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  • METH and a knee injury

    A little background:
    For the last year my girl friend has been suffering from chronic knee pain. When we started working out last year she discovered she really likes to run on the treadmill and it wasn't long before she started having this knee pain. So in lue of running she would walk on the treadmill at an incline and after a month or so when the pain would ease she would slowly work back up to running for 15 minutes at a time...then the cycle would start all over again. Just recently something went really wrong and she came home from the gym limping and her knee was red and swollen. She made an appointment for the doctor and all the doctor said was it was a soft tissue injury and then gave her a prescription for and NSAID. In the past week these have not helped at all - there is still inflammation and there is still pain. She can walk fine but standing on it for any prolonged amount of time is uncomfortable and painful for her.

    I remembered Mark's e-mail that we all received a while back about RICE vs. METH and (like an idiot) I deleted it. So instead I googled until I found this great article on METH
    T NATION | Radical Methods of Injury Rehabilitation

    In the article he mentions taking proteolytic enzymes "by the boatloads," so my question is WHERE CAN I GET THESE?! I have not been able to find them at walgreens, target, or GNC. It looks like I can order them on amazon but I'd really like to get them for her today since she is off for the next two days and will be able to consistently apply METH in a stress free environment.

    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, grok on!

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    Meth... well, first you need some cold medicine... some lithium batteries, red devil lye .....
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        I just read that article you linked (interesting read, thanks!) and I googled 'proteolytic enzymes' - a bunch of different brands came up, it seems relatively easy to order online. I don't know anything about specific brands or formulas, but this has really piqued my curiousity, I plan to research this a little more.


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          That knee injury - did your girlfriend have an MRI done? I went to a family physician who took an XRay and told me that it was a soft tissue issue and all was fine. A year later, and I finally got an MRI, and found out it's a lot more serious that I thought - and I am dealing with the consequences of that delay now. There are so many ligaments in the knee that could be torn or stressed and without an MRI, there is no way to tell.
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