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Pain in big toe? Can't sleep!

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  • Pain in big toe? Can't sleep!

    So I just started my second week on the paleo diet and today I've developed a sharp throbbing pain in the foot pad of my big toe on my left foot. I didn't stub it or drop anything on it so I'm baffled as to what this pain is? I can't fall asleep because it hurts so bad, which is really weird considering that I have a very high tolerance for pain.

    Thoughts? Is it something nutrition(or lack there of) related?

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    yeah, not everything is diet related. your toe hurts. go see a doctor.


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      hmmm gout?

      but yeah, doctor
      yeah you are

      Baby if you time travel back far enough you can avoid that work because the dust won't be there. You're too pretty to be working that hard.


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        If it is red, swollen, throbbing and the pain is radiating from the joint to the point that even just the bed sheet touching it hurts it could be gout. Elevate your foot. Drink plenty of liquids. Up your dark leafy greens and for a couple of days reduce your proteins. Drinking straight cherry juice also reduces the swelling (sorry I forget exactly why but it does work).
        There are several threads on here regarding gout and avoiding uric acid build up etc so I won't go into details as to what causes it etc. Traditionally it was seen as an aliment of old men who drank and ate a lot of rich heavy foods but I have had attacks since I was 12... oh yeah and I'm a girl so screw that rich old man theory. A lot of people have commented that they have had increases in gout since living primally but I have had far less of it since cutting out flour and grains.
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          You gots the gouch! Lots of fructose will do it, too. been eating more fruit than normal?


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            Most definitely the gout!! It sucks man. Lots of water, zero sugars.


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              Weird. I eat one serving of fruit a day around breakfast time and it's always low sugar fruits like berries. Other than fruit I don't eat any sugar. The toe isn't red or swollen either.


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                Well then maybe it's something else. Get thee to a doctor, dude.
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                  This is my first time to post but this is a hot topic for me. I'm 51 and first had gout in my 30's. Atkins, Dukan. Protein Powe and the like would kill me. Obviously, just cutting out grains,sugars and processed foods wasn't the ticket for me.I tried Dukan last summer and started a cycle of gout and joint pain that would have me laid up for days at a time. For the last month I've been eating meat, eggs, fats and vegetables with no gout. What made the difference this time is raw juicing kale, celery,cucumber,an apple,blueberries and carrots. I keep my carbs between 50 and 100 grams.
                  I am six feet tall and weigh around 300 pounds. I was 310 but have lost some and am trying the suggestion not to weigh myself for six months. How much protein should I be shooting for?


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                    I have spent the last month on a gout flare. EXTREME PAIN. And since then I have been researching this.
                    I have been on Indomethacin, Prednisone and colcrys and nothing is working. I came close to chopping my leg off yesterday.
                    Did no go to bed till 4am and that was after shooting up with 40mg of pred and cholcrys.

                    I am not jumping to conclusions here at least not trying to but it does seem to be based on high fat/ protein low carb diet. I like being paloe but obviously something is wrong here.

                    Apparently Ketosis brings about high uric acid levels (sometimes 2/3 times more.) Though it's supposed to go back down to in six weeks...

                    You get high uric acid in two ways a) when your body produces to much uric acid or 2) when you can't exctrete it.

                    if your body is in Ketosis or whatever then your kidney is spending most time dealing with that and not URIC acid..

                    this is so far what I am pulling up.


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                      From what I've been able to learn, gout is a symptom of inflammation which is associated with an acidic environment in the body. Ingesting more alkaline foods cools the inflammation. I juice because I know Iwould never faithfully ingest equivalent foods as their whole counterparts. I also think there may be something to the theory that the body holds onto weight out of a starvation response when nutritional needs such as phytonuutrients are not met. I'm losing weight much easier than in the past when I merely cut carbs and even going down to 1200 calories a day.
                      On a side note, acute gout responds to a teaspoon of baking soda every hour for four hours alternated with a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. Colchicine works but the ensuing diarhhea is rough. Methylprednisone knocks it back too but I was always scared to take it too often.