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  • Acne???

    I only started going Primal 14 days ago, so I am still learning a lot. However, I never used to break-out pre-Primal... not unless I ate all candy all do or something crazy. However since starting Primal I am breaking out around the bottom portion of my nose... is this normal?

    I do have severe allergies, dunno if they will ever go away as I am immune-compromised, so I do wipe my nose a lot, so dunno if it's just me irritating my skin. Even though as I said I haven't broken out hardly ever in my life and I have had severe allergies for years so it's not something new; which is why I ask this question since the only thing changed is me going Primal.

    Somewhere under all this fat is a strong, healthy, beautiful and sexy woman. The search for her begins now.

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    List every fat, oil, salad dressing ad nut you eat.
    Crohn's, doing SCD


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      33, 128, 5'0", female.

      I eat unsalted butter, bacon/bacon grease, olive oil once in awhile, pistachios, almonds, avocado, eggs, a little cheese, chicken, salmon, lean beef, pork chops, a lil sliced turkey from the deli sometimes. I use an organic no carb salad dressing until i learn to make my own.
      Somewhere under all this fat is a strong, healthy, beautiful and sexy woman. The search for her begins now.


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        As Sihana mentioned, it could just be a release of toxins.. by breaking out, do you mean cysts or just red marks?


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          Could be the nose wiping, if you do it enough to make the area red. <-- Most likely
          If your skin is sensitive, this is possible. I'll explain.

          Don't believe the release of toxins. What I could believe, is that the adjustment is causing an IB, which stands for initial breakout. Since acne takes around 2 weeks to really form (from the time you develop a microcomedone to surfacing), the timing hints that it is the dietary shift.

          Every normal person develops microcomedones. It's when these microcomedones develop into full comedones and surface that pose problems. With diet shift and hormonal shift, I could see an initial overactive immune/inflammatory response to the comedones that, in concert with the continual irritation, could be causing breakouts.

          More importantly, don't change your skin regimen or try to make any drastic changes. If it is an IB, it will go away. Try avoiding wiping the area to reduce irritation. Any spots you already have, try icing them for a few minutes. That can reduce inflammation greatly.

          If you keep experiencing problems, THEN look at your diet. If breakouts persist it's possible that the dietary shift indirectly lead you to eat more a food that you're mildly intolerant too. For that a ketogenic elimination diet is good.

          Are you taking fish oil?


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            Maybe I should cut back on my nut intake. Since going Primal it was an easy source of fats and protein to eat so i been eating them, and I will admit they are addicting and sometimes I eat a lot.

            I am actually just starting to take fish oil.
            Somewhere under all this fat is a strong, healthy, beautiful and sexy woman. The search for her begins now.


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              Ha, I have the same thing. I always break out mildly pms-like, but now it is worse. Funny however, even if I have some pimples now, in general my skin looks happy. I'm thinking it's the shift and once this is cleared up it'll be great.


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                I can't eat nuts, btw, my kid is allergic and we can't have any in the house. But that's probably different from person to person.


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                  I'm about 3 weeks primal now and suddenly my chin is breaking out all over. I'm not eating a lot more fats/oils in general than I used to. (I never was a believer in "low-fat is good for you".) But I have added a little coconut oil and have been using real butter instead of the New Balance I used to use. Could it be the extra oils/fats from these?


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                    Hormonal balance takes time. At 33 you are no longer "young" but you can maximize your health by reducing carbs/grains except in the summer & eating plenty of protein & saturated fat. Go to sleep early till summer- read Lights Out by T.S. Wiley. Also consider reading Dr. Jack Kruse- a lot of good info about aging & hormones etc.