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Quest Bars for "those" moments

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  • Quest Bars for "those" moments

    I dont know if saying Quest Bars are 2 dirty words or not, but I read a bit on them and thought they sounded not too bad if you cant get your hands on anything else when youre working or just too busy to get away from your desk. Does anyone have thoughts on these bars?

    Apologies if I have offended anyone with "strict" paleo feelings

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    I'm devastated that you would even mention Quest Bars.
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      oh no! big FAIL for me, or were you taking the piss?


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        The thing I find with protein bars is they have too much sugar and almost always are made with soy which kills my stomach. I haven't eaten a protein bar in way over a year but I only ate them when traveling but it wasn't worth the pain!


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          hiya cricket, I read the make up of these bars, and there's no sugar, and no soy. They look "ok"


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            I have eaten Quest bars before going Primal and they are one of the few bars that are low-carb without the sugar alcohols. Mostly almond flour from what I remember. They taste OK, and if you are traveling and have no other options I would think they would be the best option. With IFing, I enjoy my 2 meals a day, and don't really need to eat a meal on the go since I am not doing a lot of traveling.
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