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  • Understanding Blood Work

    I've been eating Paleo for 8 weeks and just had some blood work done. My Doc was impressed with my numbers but I thought I would pass it by here and see if it looks good in the Paleo world.
    Total Cholesterol 195
    Triglycerides 208
    HDL 30
    LDL Chol. 123
    Non-HDL Chol (LDL+VLDL) Value 165
    A1C 6.1

    There are other things but this seems to be the major ones.

    I take 2 fish oil, 3 D-3, Mag., Eat salmon and grass fed beef a few times a week.

    I have been on the Leptin reset Rx for 6 weeks.

    Anyone care to read these for me and suggest how I might be able to improve them?


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    Do you have before numbers? I'm surprised your doctor would be impressed with these numbers unless they were an improvement.
    Trigs of 208, Blood Sugar of 103 and AIC of 6.1 definitely point to overconsumption of carbohydrates.

    The thing about triglycerides is that number can often be drastically modified in just a few weeks, so I think you need to take a look at your carb intake recently unless you've seen big improvements over past results.

    I'd say until you can get your triglycerides at least into the "normal" range, you should look at a LC or VLC approach unless you have reasons that would prohibit you from doing so. I was able to bring my triglycerides down from 355 to 115 within just a few weeks. I'm looking forward to checking it again after 1 year of eating/living this way.

    Your low HDL might be best addressed through the increase of consumption of saturated fats and some high intensity exercise.

    Unless your numbers have improved drastically, my guess is that your doctor is foolishly looking only at the total cholesterol number or lowish LDL.

    Also, you may want to increase your Fish Oil consumption to around 4g total EPA + DHA per day until you get things back in line. This is different than total grams of fish oil. You need to look at the back of the package and add up the total grams of EPA and DHA and take as many as it takes to get to 4 grams total. There's a lot of solid research on fish oil and triglycerides and to the best of my understanding a therapeutic dose is different than the standard omega 3 maintenance that a healthy metabolism requires.

    disclaimer: I'm just a dude who reads a lot, not an expert or medical professional. I'm just advocating reading on the topics I suggested.
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      Triglyceride reading seems really really high. I believe the consensus good/really good target is 70 to 100.

      Tri:HDL ratio also looks really high.

      The A1C reading is, I believe, on the wrong side of the "pre-diabetic" border.

      Would need to see the "before" results to get a sense if this is an improvement or not. From the outside, without further background detail, this looks like it could come from a pretty typical carbo/grain-heavy American diet.

      disclaimer: I'm just a dude who reads a lot, not an expert or medical professional. I'm just advocating reading on the topics I suggested.


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        I neglected to say that I am a type 2 diabetic, started this program at 317 Lbs and am now at 296. I haven't had a bite of any grains since day 1 and have kept to a solid Paleo diet. My bs numbers have been in the 180-220 range typically prior starting down this road. So now I'm wondering if I shouldn't increase the fish oil and sardine intake. The only carbs I am eating are in the form of greens.


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          In that case, I'd say keep doing exactly what you're doing, and look into increasing the fish oil and getting retested in a couple of months. Add in lots of moving slowly and some strength training if you are not already doing these, and you should be on the road to better health. Keep tracking your numbers and posting them here, as people are very helpful and some are interested in seeing a scientific measure of how this diet is working for others.

          You never know...your story/numbers might just inspire someone going through similar issues.


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            Thanks NWPrimate,
            I appreciate the support. I have been sedentary for 17 years following brain surgery that left me with limited strength in one leg. Now that I have found the Paleo life style, I am determined to re gain my health and loose the dead weight so I can be productive again. I must have a marginalized metabolism, more so than I realized. Already I feel much better and have great energy.