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  • Having a social life.......

    while trying to live a paleo lifestyle. Anyone struggling or can offer some tips??

    All of my friends/family do not agree with this lifestyle and meeting them at restaurants/bars/at their houses is starting to drive me off track.

    I am used to eating 100 percent organic and strictly on plan during the week. However on the weekends that all gets thrown out of the window, and I am sick and tired of waking up feeling hungover every weekend.

    In a couple of weekends I have to attend a family birthday party. They do not eat anything healthy and I am pretty much expecting complete processed carppy foods to be there!!!

    How can I say I cannot eat that anymore without sounding like a complete snob?????

    Thanks guys!!!!

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    What would they say/do if you were allergic to the foods they were serving? If you get a negative reaction, you probably are. I get a very visible reaction to grains~ one I'm not willing to live with. So, if anyone tries to 'shame' me into eating foods I know will make me sick, I just give them a look and say *Sorry, it doesn't agree with me* End of subject.


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      I just say I'm allergic. If that doesn't work...
      • If someone hands you food, thank them. Then wrap it in a napkin and throw it away later and tell them it was delicious. I do this at work a lot, with cookies and cake that people bring me.
      • Tell people you ate already and you're SO full.
      • Hold a cigarette. Pretend to smoke.
      • If there's a buffet table, usually they have wings or little hotdogs some kind of meat - there might be some sauce on it, so pick one that has less sauce on it because the sauce is usually a sugarbomb. Make sure everybody sees you eating the hotdog/meatball/wing. Get sauce on your face or your shirt and wait until someone tells you to wipe it off, that way they know you ate and will believe the "I'm full" line.
      • At parties, hold a glass of water or iced tea with a piece of lime or a cocktail umbrella in it. Slur your words and act stupid. People will think you're drinking, but it's only water. Bonus - you can drive yourself home when you want! This is my all time favorite party trick, I act like I'm drunk but I'm not.
      • Stand up or dance at parties. Standing burns more calories.
      • Brush your teeth before you go out and tell yourself you don't want to get food in your nice clean shiny teeth.
      • Put on lipstick, that way you won't want to mess it up. Might not work for guys. Or maybe it will! Depends on whether or not you like to wear lipstick!

      I've done one or all of the above in social situations. It works!


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        Is it ALL junk food? I normally always can find something to eat. Both my husband's family and mine don't eat organic, so I don't expect that at all when going out. But at restaurants it seems easy to eat out... Even at the worst restaurants I can normally find something thats "legal". If you are invited over someone's house, just ask what will be served and if its anything you don't think you can eat then bring your own. And if family decided to make "comments" tell them to knock it off. You are their for family but not to talk about your choice on the way you eat.


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          Tell them that your doctor suggested you eliminate certain foods because of a medical condition you would rather not discuss with them at that time/place. Then later you can tell them you're gluten intolerant, lactose intolerant, etc, etc, etc. whatever works.

          Or tell them that thru trial and error, you discovered you have some food allergies and you don't know for sure that what is being served won't offend your body - like wheat, etc. Or that you aren't feeling well and as such aren't hungry.
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            Try to loosen up and find have a meal that isn't 100% primal. A little white rice in a chicken bowl won't kill you.

            You might to get some additional tips from the Bulletproof Executive:
            The Bulletproof Executive


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              I've never had a friend give me grief or cause problems by simply telling them "I can't eat gluten/grains" and order the salad or prosciutto plate. No more explanation than that is required - and it certainly doesn't call for a lecture.

              The odds of finding a bar with "100% organic" anything...well...let's just say you're looking for love in all the wrong places. They are who they are - either they're worth the small hassle to hang out with, or they're not.


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                I don't like to lie to my friends and family. They already know you are not allergic to the foods - they have probably seen you eat them 1000 times.

                No need to make a big deal about what you are or or not eating. At restaurants just order as primal as you can -most places have a primalish meal - a burger served on a bed of greens can be found most places. At dinner parties, I just choose the least crappy food I can find and I usually bring a primal item with me to share. Also, try to eat something before these events so you are not so hungry you just eat whatever is in front of you.

                I just tell people I feel good eating this way and leave it at that. I've only had one person ever give me any grief and I just stood my ground one time and she backed off.
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                  To add to the advice of bringing your own to share, I suggest bringing salad/vegetables (the parties I've gone to, outside of my friend's wife's offerings, have all been sweets/carb-laden items, and chinese take-out). It's a good way to fill a void often present due to common food tastes at gatherings.
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