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    I would go the other way for something radical: eliminate all sugar and sweeteners, including fruit, at least, and/or do Whole 30 without fruit or nuts. It has an advantage of fixing your body and natural satiation mechanism, eating solid foods (easier to feel full, again) and not going into crazy sugar spins.
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      Someone upthread mentioned the movie "Sick, Fat, and Nearly Dead"...which I watched on Thursday. My friend who suggested the juice fast was in a similar situation to Phil from the movie. He was morbidly obese and really ill. He lost over 100lbs in like 4-5months on a juice fast. Not saying that he's a-ok healthwise now, but it is sort of inspirational. I struggle with losing weight. I tend to get stuck in low 200s and just can't break that barrier. I'm only 5'8, so the low 200s is not exactly ideal.

      Right now I'm on the upswing, having gained around 25lbs since the holidays due to a crazy schedule and stress induced overeating of carb-y holiday foods. It is very frustrating. I just want to get down to a more reasonable weight so I can exercise more comfortably and kick some of my hormonal issues to the curb. The juice and bone broth fast seems like a good way to do this...but I am having reservations because I love bacon (who doesn't?) and a good burger with guacamole on top. Plus I just started a new job as a part-time nanny for a very active 5 year old. So I'm really needed to do something to boost my energy levels.


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        Originally posted by twa2w View Post
        Not sure why everyone assumes fruit when you talk about juicing. Ifyou have a vitamix or similiar machine you can easily make wonderful green/red juices. If you want to take the edge off you can add a few berries which doesn't add much sugar if you watch the quantity.
        I tend to follow the rule - Juice my veggies, Eat my fruits. Yeah, I was listening to a paleo/primal podcast and they talked about all the sugar you get with juicing and I was thinking from Kale, celery, broccoli other veggie...uh? Then I thought they must assume people sit around and juice fruits. Juicing veggies allows me to get in a lot of veggies while I learn to like veggies. I'm use to ordering a number off a fast food menu, so juicing VEGGIES helped me get use to the change in my diet lifestyle.


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          I guess I am not understanding what the benefit is to juicing these fruits and veggies instead of just eating them? I am not being a smart ass. I seriously am asking...


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            Originally posted by oxide View Post
            30 days of indiscretion, followed by 40 days of straight-up blood-sugar bombs? You'll just hurt yourself even worse.

            The best way to get back into primal is to get back into primal. If you feel the need to get radical, try a Whole30 or a Leptin Reset.

            Juice is not food, and is not a solution to anything IMO.
            No protein, no fat, no solids... NO satiety!

            Sounds like a recipe for rebounding!

            Need to lose weight... eat real meat and vegetables. Skip the fruit, nuts, and dairy for a bit.
            Make sure there is some fat in your food, either naturally in the cut of meat or add some... yes, adding fat is OK in moderation.
            But remember... calories do matter.
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            And that's why I'm here eating HFLC Primal/Paleo.


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              Originally posted by auntie thesis View Post
              I have a good friend who lost 100 lbs on a long term juice fast. He was also on a regimen of supplements and vegan protein replacement powders (ick). He has been encouraging me to do a shorter term one with him for awhile now, but I have been putting it off because I have no interest in being a vegan.
              There are many ways to lose fat. I have lost more than 100lbs without any form of fasting or fruit juice, or feeling hungry for that matter.

              I dunno, but perhaps you might want to do something that is sustainable? Sure it's exciting to embark on a new "journey", but think of how you will feel by the 3rd day, and how you're going to deal with it.

              I spun my wheels a lot at first focusing on different "protocols", but at the end of the day, it's the basics that allowed me to lose the weight and keep it off (for a few years already).


              Eat real food
              Sleep well and sleep good
              Spend 10 mins a day doing short but intense exercise
              Get some sun
              Minimise stress


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                I did come here from FSND, I've talked about it in other posts here.

                I think the idea has some merit, especially for people whose gut is compromised. You can throw a bunch of grass-fed beef and coconut oil in a leaky gut, but the leaky gut is still going to take a while to heal.

                I came here because I was worried about the fact that Phil and Joe have to go back on a fast a few times a year to keep their auto-immune disease under control. Maybe they could just continue to cut out the grains?

                But if you concentrate on the vegetable juices and add on good fatty and mineral/kelp enriched bone broths, and some spoonfuls of coconut oil, I think it could provide good nutrition would be easy on the digestion system. I don't think it needs to be done for longer than a week though. Depends on how damaged you think your gut is. But I think it could heal pretty fast if you let it rest a bit.

                The menus on the FSND website are pretty yummy. Put some chicken along that salad and some roast beef along those roasted veggies and, poof, you're paleo. So easing back into primal is easy.