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Reviewing my supplement intake

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  • Reviewing my supplement intake

    Dear primal folk,

    I have been meaning to review what vitamins I take for awhile now but due to laziness haven't bothered however I'm now running low so this is the ideal time; hopefully I can get some pointers from you.

    I currently take vitamin D, fish oil and a multi. I plan to ditch the multi as I think I get most of what I need through the food I eat however I'm wondering about whether to take a calcium supplement and perhaps one combined with magnesium. My main motivation for doing so is because I don't eat any dairy of any kind as it really breaks me out - do you think it is advisable to take a calcium supplement?

    Also I only ever occasionally eat fruit so wondered if I should perhaps take vitamin C - thoughts?

    I plan to stick with the vitamin D and fish oil.

    Thank you all!

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    Vitamin D and Fish oil are all your gonna need, and thats if your cant get enough sunlight, I believe its 15 minutes in the sun is all the vitamin D we need a day. And fish because of the omega 3 content, and the fact its got a good amount of DHA which is alot more accessible than flax.

    Dont bother with calcium just eat plenty of small fish, leafy greens and you'll have plenty of it. I really cant see the need for vitamin C, averaging out vegtables contain just under 100mg of vitamin C per 100 calories so all you only need to eat 60 calories worth of veg to meet vitamin C criteria, obvioulsy each vegtable has its own value but i wouldnt worry.

    Now magnesium is an interesting one, technically you will not need to supplement it if you have a diet rich in veg, seafood and nuts as they're all great sources of it. However magnesium is seriously underated in a SAD, and you can accomplish alot from taken the occasional supplement, partially becuase it forms the base of most metabolic processes.


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      Thanks Josh for your reply.

      Am I right in thinking the 15 minutes of sunlight is all over body ie naked as that definitely counts me out living where I do (20 miles from you Josh). Also I think I heard something about vitamin D increasing your need for calcium is that correct? Are there noticeable signs of calcium deficiency? Regarding the magnesium I have always been slightly reluctant as I was under the impression it can cause looser bowels and with the amount of coconut I consume that could be an issue!


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        You're right with magnesium it normally is used as a laxative, however supplements ranging from 50-100mg will not have that effect. As for the vitamin D, idealy it is full body exsposure, however if you cant for quite obvious reasons its better to just up it a bit, to 20 mins every day. Vitamin D is crutial for synthesising the hormone calcitriol, this is the hormone that tells your body to take up calcium, of cource more vitamin D leads to more calcitriol, which then allows for more possible uptake of calcium. I dont think the "need" goes up more like the ability to take more.

        You seem a bit too worried about calcium defiency, i wouldnt worry, however if its a real stress you can trying popping into tesco's and grabbing coconut milk that is fortified with calcium. As symptons go by, you never really get calcium defiency short term as it takes it from bones, nails, teeth and hair meaning that they take the fall, such as easy fractions, hair loss, easy tooth decay and other similar problems.


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          I would try maybe 500 mg of magnesium. It shouldn't cause any bowel issues at that dose. I have to say, if I didn't take anything else ever again, I would keep the magnesium. I had enough of a problem with migraines that I actually had to apply for intermitant medical leave for them, and now I only do when I forget the magnesium for a couple of days. It's great for a wide range of issues and hard to get in real food, even if you grow it yourself.

          I agree with trying to get a bit more sun exposure. I'm pretty far south and get hours of sun every day. I can't see 20 minutes in the UK cutting it, unless my perception of where you are is way off (geography never was my strong point). You may even need to supplement.


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            The RDA for sunlight is actually 15 mins 3 days a week totalling 45 mins a week.

            In England if you do get 20 minutes everyday, you'll add up 140 mins a week (95 more minutes a week), which surely must be enough. Agreeably the quality of sun is not amazing in England, but summer is coming up so its getting better.


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              If possible, test your vitamin D levels and then supplement to the upper half of normal. The ability of your body to make vitamin D in response to exposure to sunlight will vary dramatically based on the season, time of day, your age, and a few other factors. If you have plenty of vitamin D you should not need to worry about calcium intake. If you want more, just add some long-cooked bone stocks to your diet. They are cheap, delicious, and nutritious.

              Magnesium is a good one to add for many people as soil levels have dropped quite a bit so we don't get as much from food as we should.

              If you are not eating dairy, I would suggest tracking your vitamin K2 intake to make sure you are getting enough K2.

              Some other ways to make sure you don't miss out on important nutrients:

              1. Eat a couple Brazil nuts a week - great for selenium.
              2. Eat oysters once of week for a boost of zinc.
              3. Eat offal as often as possible - liver is amazing for good health, bone marrow provides fats that are great for brain function.
              4. Sea vegetables and seafood are great for getting some iodine.
              5. Bone stock - lots of collagen and minerals.
              Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )



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                You bumped a 3 year old thread to spam it... that's dedication!