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Difficulty Losing Weight on Primal Diet

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  • Difficulty Losing Weight on Primal Diet

    Hello. I started my primal journey 18days ago. I have stuck with it for the entire 18 days but have not lost a single pound. Anyone out there have any thoughts?

    I am exercising, drinking plenty of water and following the blueprint but again no success. I have been seeing other peoples success stories in the first 21 days but feel like im missing something.

    Any information is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    I was not successful with weight loss on Primal until I controlled calories as well. But I am a 50 something female starting menopause. Wish I could relate to the success stories where they melt away, but it just didn't happen for me.
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      Things like nuts, fruits and starchy veggies (sweet potatoes) can hinder weight loss. If that's your primary goal, eat a smaller amount of those things.
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        if you read the book, you'll note that mark says you need a calorie deficit to lose weight. this is a truism which will never change, regardless of your diet. maintaining weight isn't as glued to calories at all, but losing certainly is. don't get into the 'i must cut carbs to inuit levels to make this work' mentality. eat less.


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          Gonna need some more information from you, like what you ate for the past couple of days and what kind of exercise you are doing.
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            I've been primal 3 months and just had a 3 week period where nothing changed, not weight or inches. now this week I dropped 2.8. So I realize it's not going to happen the same for everyone. I also made sure I marked everything I ate to create a calorie deficit.


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              It is impossible to advise without knowing your height, weight and activity level, plus some indication of what you eat in a day.
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                I dislike the perception that paleo will automatically make you lose weight (in additional to all kinds of other miracle cures), it won't. If you are eating a good diet and aren't losing weight then you need to try something else. Calorie counting works but you need to be very strict and it sucks being hungry.
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                  Go big or go home: have you gone into ketosis (<50g / carbs daily)?

                  You may also be gaining muscle. Keep with it; it will work.


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                    Weight loss is not a linear process, but stick to your regime and I promise you, you WILL see the results you're looking for.

                    Speaking of, could you share your typical daily food intake for more insight?
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                      We definitely need more info on gender, weight, height and typical food intake before we can properly advise.
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                        18 days isn't long at all. We could probably offer more advice if you posted exactly what you eat on a daily basis and activity levels, starting weight, etc.
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                          Sorry to all. I realize I should have given you all a bit more information.

                          I am 5ft 10" and currently weight 190lbs

                          Typical diet as follows:
                          Breakfast: 6whole eggs in coconut oil with steamed broccoli
                          Mid morning snack: 1scoop of whey protein (grass fed and hormone free) in water
                          Lunch: steamed broccoli with 2scoops of whey protein
                          Mid afternoon: 1scoop of whey protein in water
                          Dinner: steamed salmon and steamed veggies or kale salad with olive oil and avocado

                          Twice a week: pull ups, pushps, plank and squats
                          Once a week: sprints

                          I have not eaten fruit or things like potatoes, etc since I started the primal diet now 19days ago ( and yes completely stayed away from all starch based carbs). Just eating carbs that are in the veggies.

                          Hope this sheds some light. And again I apologize for not giving this information earlier.

                          Thank you all for responding so quickly.

                          Look forward to your thoughts and comments.


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                            Get rid of the snacking and especially the whey protein. Way too much. Eat a real meat source of protein for lunch with some fat.


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                              I'd have to second Tneah's suggestion. Additionally, how active are you outside of the exercise listed? Don't neglect the 'moving frequently at a slow pace' portion, a few hours a week of activities like walking, hiking, easy cardio, etc.

                              At 5x10 and 190, how much are you looking to lose? I'm 5x10 and my GW is ~180. If it is a matter of just a few pounds, it may be a bit more difficult, but in the meantime, dont get discouraged.

                              Keep in mind that its about more than just the weight loss. Depending uipon your starting point, you should begin experiencing other benefits. Last week I went on a 10 mile hike, and was 20 hours fasted while doing it. My friend was in serious need of food by the end of it, even though she is more active, more fit, and had eaten a carbohydrate rich breakfast before we left. I could have gone another few hours without a problem. Six months ago, I couldn't keep up with her on hikes, and would have been starving half way through.
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