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    It seem like in the last few years snacks have become very fashionable. Everyone likes to discuss how "important" it is to snack throughout the day, to "keep the blood sugar stable". People are advised to make sure they have "healthy snacks" onhand etc. Dr. Oz suggests that you snack before your actual meal to make sure you eat less.

    Not snacking is considered strange, deprivational, and also seems to be tied in to the belief that if you don't snack you might god forbid get hungry then have a binge and then oh no, you're socially unacceptable. Snacking certainly seems to be taking its place in the "healthy eating" world as being very important, something everyone must learn to do.

    So what is your take on this. Do we need snacks or not?

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    We absolutely do not need snacks and you can blame snacking for a lot of our health problems.
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      Yeah, no snacking! I love eating two meals per day with no snacks in between. What used to be hunger pangs in my SAD days are now a kind of euphoria and clean feeling since going Primal.


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        If you need to snack you are sick
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          Oh wow good point, I got into a debate the other day about this and was roundly criticised by the SAD and CW views. It's easier just not to talk about it! The thing I find interesting is just how much conviction people have in their views which when challenged, are basically based on nothing other than pop culture messages.

          Specifically on the snacking, I don't snack at all anymore - I admit I still get hungry though. I just tough it out until the next meal.
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            Snacking makes me binge~ sets off Limbic hunger. If we were meant to be grazers, we'd have four stomachs and chew our cud to maintain blood sugar levels


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              Yep, eat 'properly' and you won't need or want to snack.
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                Our ancestors might well have "snacked" on berries in season. Beyond that, they probably would not have. Taking a hint from our ancestors is useful, but not essential. Going from meal to meal, savouring hunger in between works out well. Eat fully when you do, don't both in between.

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                  omg thank goodness that I no longer snack during the day (still have a chocolate/nut problem at night that is getting progressively better) I used to reach for some popcorn or something when I was bored/stressed at work. Now I don't eat anything at all and the people I am working with, who snack constantly throughout the day, think I am uber depriving myself. -.-"
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                    Biologically, snacks aren't needed at all. You actually have better & more stable blood sugar with lower meal frequency.

                    In any other respect, snacks might be necessary for certain individuals. I'm a veracious and 'powerful' eater - that is, if I want to eat, I want my meals to be LARGE and filling in every aspect, even if that means I can only do that by having two meals a day (which is what I do in addition to IF).

                    But others simply need to keep munching on something in which case I would advise for snacking. If chewing on a piece of gum or having 1/2 cups of nuts right now is going to prevent you from overeating or binging on donuts later on in the day, then have that snack by all means.
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                      Originally posted by Nady View Post
                      Snacking makes me binge~ sets off Limbic hunger. If we were meant to be grazers, we'd have four stomachs and chew our cud to maintain blood sugar levels
                      Snacking kills me every time. I find it is best just to avoid...walk out of the kitchen and refocus.
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