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Styles of primal (Conan, please read)

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  • Styles of primal (Conan, please read)

    I didn't want to hijack the thread this was originally posted on, so I'm quoting it here:

    In the thread "Meals per day", Conan said:

    > Below is a typical day for me:

    > 8:00 - 1 extra large omega 3 egg, 1 cup of egg whites

    > 9:30 - half of an avocado

    > 12:00 - 6 oz. salmon, 1 cup asparagus or broccoli

    > 1:30 - 10 strawberries, .5 cup blueberries

    > 3:00 - 1 oz. almonds

    > 4:00 - 1 apple

    > 5:00 - 4 oz. boneless, skinless chicken breast

    > 6:30 - Huge salad with salmon and shrimp

    > 9:30 - Whey protein shake with almond milk

    I'm intrigued by your typical day's food. You seem to be quite low fat (compared to many others on here). And your fat is all from nuts, avos or salmon.

    - Are you intentionally trying to eat less fat as well as less carbs? Why not more whole eggs? Why skinless chicken? Why breast?

    - What dressing do you use on your salad? Olive oil?

    - Do you eat beef or pork?

    - Are you following a more Cordain like approach?

    - You must be getting most of your calories from protein, no? Overall, it seems like not a lot of calories, especially if you're trying to build muscle.


    - Has it been working for you? For how long?

    I'm just trying to get an idea of various "styles" or paleo/primal that people are using. I've been doing a higher-fat version (lots of whole eggs, bacon and other fatty meats like pork ribs, etc.) But I seem to be stalled, unable to get rid of the last bit of "stubborn fat" on my lower abs (probably just 3-5 pounds of it), and unable to increase muscle size/strength. So I thought I might "mix it up a bit".

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    Good questions. I didn't mention that I cook the chicken in bacon fat and add bacon to my salad. I use either canola oil or olive oil on my salad, but I'm going to drop the canola oil once I run out of it and stick to the olive oil only. I started using canola oil after reading about it on Clarence Bass's "Ripped" website ( He's a big proponent of it based on the omega ratios.

    The above example is one of my low calorie days (about 2,500). The only thresholds I set for myself are at least 185g of protein (1g per pound of BW), less than 150g of carbs (I used to be at 200g/day), and as much fat as I want. In the example day above, the fat comes out to about 150g (50% of total calories).

    Lately my appetite has been increasing a LOT. I've been following a pretty intense heavy weightlifting and Crossfit regimen which I think has contributed to that. So I've been increasing my fat and protein. Yesterday I ate 3,600 calories and 210 g of fat. I added in some whole milk and cottage cheese which I had shunned when I first started Paleo. I'm kind of at that point where I'm pretty lean and actually wouldn't mind gaining a few pounds if it meant added muscle and strength so I'm going to experiment with higher calories and added dairy. I'll keep you guys updated with the results.

    The reason that I eat lean meats is the simple fact that I prefer them over the fatty cuts of meat. I'm not sure why but I've never liked the taste/texture of animal fats. Not a big fan of chicken legs, thighs, etc. - I just don't like the taste. I have the egg whites for the added protein. Although eggs are great it takes a lot of them to get a measurable amount of protein.


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      I'm with you Conan, I've never had a real taste for animal fats or their texture. Weird, I know, but true. Bacon is the only fatty meat I really like. But then again, who DOESN'T like bacon

      I like to get my fat from avacados, nuts, olive oil, etc. I do like sausage too, and that helps. I make kabobs at least once a week. Again, that's just me (and you apparently). It's nice to know that it isn't just me.


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        To answer your other questions:

        To say that Paleo has worked for me would be an understatement. There's a long story behind why I started but the main reason was that I had pretty severe GERD and was put on Prevacid. I gained about 10 pounds on the Prevacid and felt sick all the time. I decided I would rather have heartburn than be fat and sick so I dropped the Prevacid and looked for dietary changes to control the GERD.

        I've been on Paleo for 3 months, the GERD is now almost completely and totally gone (it took some time for my esophagus to heal). I lost all of the weight that I gained on the Prevacid plus about 5 more pounds. My energy levels are up, I'm a lot stronger, and I just feel healthier overall. I credit CrossFit for a lot of the strength gains.

        I don't eat much pork or beef - again it's a taste thing. I actually prefer ground bison to ground beef and I have that a few times a week.


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          I'm with you, Conan. I much prefer ground bison to ground beef. I like the flavor better.


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            I dont worry about fat or protein.

            I still do raw milk, raw cream, raw cheese and maybe some raw kefir for probiotics. Eventually Ill cut milk out and maybe swap it out for a soaked nut milk or something. The cream and cheese stays.

            I feel really guilty when I eat fruit though... like "oh noes too many carbs!"

            Maybe the dairy is why I havent lost a ton of weight yet. We'll see. Im going to do some experimenting soon.

            Life on Earth may be punishing, but it includes an annual free trip around the sun!


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              I tried almond milk and I really like it.


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                Almond milk IS very good, but I am going to make some at home with soaked almonds. We'll see how that goes.

                Life on Earth may be punishing, but it includes an annual free trip around the sun!


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                  I've made almond milk a number of times in the past. It was really good on my oatmeal musli...

                  I haven't made it in quite some time though. I just may have to make some up again.

                  Any ideas what to do with all the pulp?


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                    Im thinking chia seed pudding! Recipe to come, I just took a pic of it today!

                    Life on Earth may be punishing, but it includes an annual free trip around the sun!


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                      I made almond milk and used the pulp to make bread. There are lots of recipes out there using almond flour. I think I want to try it in cookies or crackers next time.