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Hyperthyroid and Coconut Oil question

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  • Hyperthyroid and Coconut Oil question

    Hello! I've seen lots of mention about coconut oil being used to help with hypothyroidism, but I've been trying to find info on whether coconut oil is safe for hyperthyroid (overactive thyroid) people to use (since it supposedly stimulates thyroid function). If you suffer from Graves Disease or other hyperthyroid issues, do you use/have you used it? How much? Has it caused you any problems? Does it actually stimulate the thyroid or does it regulate the thyroid, or does it make the body respond better to thyroid hormones?


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    Hi! Sorry can't answer ur question bit I was amazed to see how iodine corrected thyroid probs either way - even tho its mostly deemed a mineral to boost thyroid function, I think maybe it just "regulates" as u query about I'm wondering if CO is the same....from all I've read about the stuff it can just about help with anything so wouldn't be surprised!

    Anyway, hope u find out! Have u googled "hyperthyroid and CO" - see if u can find anything?!

    H x
    An English girl who's been on lots of different diets, weight gone up and down but always been a naturalist at heart and have always wondered why "Conventional Wisdom" diets don't allow you to eat red meat and nuts - that are purely natural things?! So feel I've found my niche in the PB/Paleo Lifestyle and really want to make this my way of life for good!!!