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Food ideas for 11month baby girl!!!

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  • Food ideas for 11month baby girl!!!

    I been looking but can't seem to find step by step food guide for wanna-be- Primal little ones...
    We are doing Primal; broths, purees with beef chick and all the good veggies, egg yolks, and liver and sauerkraut juice and raw milk and yogurt. Also some fruit purees too... Fermented cod liver too.

    But baby needs to start to learn to feed herself. Not having cheerio's, goldfish and other cereals and cracker finger foods to work with seems to be a chore on our end. Other than boring steamed carrot sticks, which she won't eat, what is there???? She has no desire for steamed veggie sticks of any kind.

    We are at a major road block in our Paleo Primal push for our little one!!

    Any help and advice would be appreciated greatly!!!

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    I'd recommend checking out the Healthy Baby Code by Chris Kresser.


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      Baby Led Weaning - The Mush Stops Here!

      Broccoli stalk (maybe cooked to make it softer?), cooked spinach, meat (let her eat it right off the bone), any fruit really... berries, banana, grapefruit & oranges (just cut out the insides for her), avocado

      How about letting her dip the steamed veggies in homemade dip, she might like that.

      checkout everyday paleo, also two new paleo kid books Eat Like a Dinosaur and Jimmy and the Carrot Ship
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        Hardboiled eggs
        Primal since March 2011

        Female/29 years old/5' 1"/130ish lbs


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          Mashed sweet potato, fruit of all kinds (not juice, whole fruit!), berries, ground or pureed meat and organ meats, chopped fish, etc.

          Babies can eat anything adults eat as long as it's soft enough and small enough to swallow.
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            My kids were always introduced to solids by sitting in my lap during meal times and grabbing off my plate. I imagine it's worked that way for as long as humans have existed. Nurse when they want to, include them in meal times by letting them watch you and mimic you, trying your food.


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              +1 Keevelish. So much easier (esp. when they're older and like or dislike food) to let them eat off your plate, or their own but same food.

              It's very common for breastfed babies to not eat much (unless made to) until they're closer to 2 than 1.


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                WE did baby lead weaning. DS's first foods were broccoli, asparagus, bell peppers, cooked beans -- anything he could hold and eat with his fingers (it was pre-primal, btw). He could eat a whole apple (by himself, not cut into bits or a puree) at 11 months.

                If you've been doing purees, you'll have to watch carefully, because purees have taught her to circumvent the gag reflex. BUT, it can be done.

                Essentially, watch carefully, and if she can hold it, she can eat it.

                Strips of steak, chicken, even fish would be fine, as well as any veg that she can hold onto. Sweet potato "fries" (we cut them into rounds or strips and then baked them) are also great.

                DS's favorite food now (3.5) is . . . SUSHI!

                We went to sushi the other day (for him), and he got 2 x avocado/tuna, 2x avocado/salmon, 1x california roll with crab, 1x avocado and shrimp. His favorite part? FISH! second? NORI! third? AVOCADO! last? rice. LOL the way he says it is like that "rice." LOL

                anyway, his palate is very broad, and there isn't anything he won't try. He loves food of all kinds -- indian, thai, malasian, japanese, persian/middle eastern, and a variety of others.

                he's into trying new foods all the time -- what is this? I will try! It. mmm! It's good. I like it. Lets get it again.

                He says this about pretty much everything!

                I can't tell you how wonderfully it works. Enneagram -- pretty sure he's an 8 with a 7 wing.


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                  We had a cool thing when my son was little--it was a little mesh bag with a handle. You could put a hunk of something in it, like a peach slice, and he could gum on it without worries about choking. I think he was younger than your babe, though, when we were using it.

                  It was definitely our experience also that eating solid foods took a backseat to nursing until 1 1/2 or 2.


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                    I thought this was very interesting. The basic premise, children need to eat tougher foods to strengthen jaw muscles, and develop an appropriate size and shaped pallet.

                    Of course you have to watch more closely for choking that you would if you were feeding mushy pureed veggies, but I have to assume that you're supervising meal times anyway.

                    I wish I would have had this info when my little guy was younger.

                    P.S. This entire video series is worth checking out.

                    wormmy1's Channel - YouTube

                    (my apologies to any YouTube addicts out there...I've just stolen a lot of hours from you with that link)
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             is the website of brian palmer who has been studying this for way over 20 years now. I don't have sound working on my computer so can't hear what they're sayign, but truly, for a breastfed baby, palate size and shape won't be an issue unless the baby has a dummy a lot or sucks fingers or thumbs. It's the pressure from the teat or digits that causes the palate to shape itself to that shape (the breast is soft and moulds to the baby's mouth).

                      Interestingly, at a conference I heard Brian Palmer at, I learned that if you have issues with your palate (which can then cause speech and eating issues, which can cause other issues) and you address it before you're 19, the palate will correct itself. In my case, this was very true. Being bottle fed, I had a raised palate (it is supposed to be flattish) and this caused my wisdom teeth to lay down instead of 'standing up' if you can picture that. My teeth were very crowded and back then, the fix was to rip them out, so I only have 26 teeth all up now. But I had them out before my 19th birthday and now my palate is lovely and flat (and I even did the dribble thing babies do when their teeth come through!) and my teeth sit where they should.

                      Sorry, bit OT there.


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                        We give our 11 month old chopped up egg, chicken, steak, pot roast, hunks of cheese, avocado, sweat potato, assorted diced veggies (brussel sprouts, asparagus, swiss chard, spinach, spaghetti squash) and fruit. At first I was a little nervous due to the size, but she motors through it all pretty well. We still have some pureed food left and she even eats that with her hands. I'm making the Hungarian goulash Mark recently posted, she'll have some of that tomorrow!
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                          Noticed your location. Are you in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada?!

                          If so, WHERE the heck did you find raw milk?!?!?!
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