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UK organic products very expensive!

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    When we started primal 9 weeks ago we didn't worry about organic. However we have found that
    As our appetites have reduced, and also because we are no longer buying rubbish food like soft drinks, potatoes
    Pasta, sauces etc, we have been able to afford to go organic, or at least locally reared, grass fed. We don't eat
    Breakfast any more, packed lunches tend to be ham or chicken with eggs and salad, and dinner is normally
    Some kind of meat with veg. Sometimes we find we dont want dinner either, it's difficult to manage even 2 meals!
    We are also saving money by never eating takeaways, although we haven't really done that for a couple of years, and we rarely eat out now because I am so concerned that the food won't be primal and won't be grass fed! And we used to eat out 2 or 3 times a week!! We are also saving the money that we would have spent on alcohol, probably another 40 per week. So going primal has been all good for us!!


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      I do the Riverford box scheme and use it for all my food so if it runs out before the next delivery I go hungry - keeps me on my toes and makes me really appreciate food - delivery day is like christmas! It is expensive of course but I guess it is priorities (I'm only on minimum wage but don't have children). For me organic isn't just the direct benefit but also the greater benefit from a sustainability point of view (peak oil, water quality etc).


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        Never knew there were so many Brits here now!


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          ::newbie jumping in::

          I buy my organic meat from Sheepdrove Organic Farm-Sheepdrove Organic farm. I ordered their monthly meat hamper. It's delivered straight to the door packed in wool cool. We've eaten most of it (time to re-order) and the quality is very good.

          I get my organic veg from Abel & Cole. This service is brilliant. I can add one off veg, change my box size, skip delivery when we're on holiday. The veg quality is excellent, but I'm not keen on their fruit - it doesn't seem to be as fresh as the veg.


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            Another Surreyite!

            I use Farmer's Choice for my meat, great value and always tasty. I may try out Sheepdrove too, if they can get hold of any variety/organ meats that are hard to acquire.


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              I do not agree with all, now you can find online shops even from other UE countries with rasoanable prices.
              For example:
              Organic Italian Store | Finest Organic Food from top Italian Brands to buy pasta online
              Spanish organic food from farm to fork. - Organic Food Selection to buy wine and olive oil online

              Just have a look to these or other webs from the rest of UE and you will suprise.