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  • Question about metabolism...

    Hi guys, this might be a bit of a tough subject, I hope it can stay contained.

    I have a friend who during his late middle school/early high school years dealt with bulimia. I'm not sure if he was a binge eater (in the extreme sense) but I do know he was a purger, and has struggled with weight for most of his life.

    He has for the past year or so asked me to help him out to try to tackle the weight issue in a healthy way, and now I want to introduce him to the PB. However, he seems to believe that only exercise will help, because he thinks his metabolism is ruined due to his disorder years ago.

    My question is, is he right? He stopped completely I would say around 2000, maybe 2001? It's not a subject I'd want to bring up with him, so I can't get a more accurate number, but it's definitely been over 7 years.

    I've done mild research on the subject and can't find a definitive answer, and I believe maybe he's holding on to that as an excuse to simply exercise and not try to eat better. However, he doesn't really exercise either, ever, not because he's lazy but because he had money issues and he's one of the types that thinks you need a gym to work out. I don't see my friend making flat out horrible choices food-wise, but I have noticed an increase in his weight in the last 2 years or so and I want to try to help him out.

    Should I wait until he asks for advice again? I don't know how to bring it up sensibly. I know he's not currently doing anything to better the situation, but I think with better information he could make some adjustments. He's a big food fan, in the sense that he loves to try different stuff and I think he'd enjoy cooking Primal. He's not much of a junk food eater at all, but does work in a place where he's probably sipping on sugary drinks and treats more than he should.

    Would it be okay to try and get him on fresh foods, which I think he already knows are better for him, before hitting on the sugar issue? A lot of people (myself included, at least when I started PB) can be put off by the list of "foods" that are suddenly unacceptable ...

    I'm looking for a yes/no answer on the metabolism issue, and maybe some advice on how to approach the conversation for optimal results, that result being my friend trying to get on a healthier track and start to see some weight loss without having to "hit the gym" right away...

    Thanks in advance

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    I don't have a definitive answer regarding the metabolism, but I do know this...he has to eat, right? So why not eat well?

    As for how to address the subject with him...the thing that appealed to me most was the idea of play, enjoying being active and healthy, and living more naturally. I don't know if any of those ideas would pique his interest, but if so (or if some other angle know him best) start with that, then work your way into the whole way of life.

    And try to be excited and confident...if you present in an uncertain way, like you're not sure he'll dig it, he may turn it down or give it only a half hearted shot.

    Good luck, and hopefully someone will know something more about the metabolism issue.


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      He's a bit strange sometimes. He's never played sports (but I'm sure he'd say it was due to his size) and doesn't enjoy watching them either. We're best friends, but we're always at each other playfully, he makes fun of me for liking/watching/talking about sports so that wouldn't be a good angle.

      I think you make an excellent point in that I should be excited when I speak to him, the problem is I don't want it to sound like I want to talk about his weight as an issue because I don't want to be disrespectful. I think I'll just tell him about what I'm doing and see if that makes him want to know more, then I'll tell him I think it's something he'll enjoy.

      I used to seriously post here, now I prefer to troll.


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        Exercise and caloric reduction aren't the only pieces of the puzzle. Anything less than perfect nutrition (which is pretty much impossible to achieve) will slow the metabolism, as the propensity to burn fat is contingent upon many nutrients. So get him to try to maximize his nutrition.

        Secondly, INSULIN MATTERS BIG TIME. The more insulin in the bloodstream, the lower the propensity for burning fat as energy. Control your insulin and increase your metabolism. That is the major reason why the PB and Atkins diet work so well.

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          Yeah I have a few thoughts on the issue but the idea that his metabolism is permanently destroyed is BS. But I'm sure it is a nice safe little box to stay in so he has an excuse if his weight loss efforts fail!

          He's gotta get real if he wants real results, right

          Anyways about to eat sushi so gotta go. As someone who used to struggle with an eating disorder myself, more thoughts to come!


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            I mean there's little doubt that he most likely did some damage. But so what? One of the many things I've learned over the past few years studying the body is it has tremendous healing capabilities. But he has to start now.

            The best thing to do for him would get him going on a good healthy eating plan. Consistency is very important, especially since he had an eating disorder. Lots of good protein/some good fat/ and some carbs too. Don't go advising him to do carnivore or more extreme forms of primal. Ideally he should stick with the primal maintenance plan, just to help his organs out from any damage done.

            That will be the most important part. Working out would help tremendously, but it's more important to get the diet down then to try too many things at once. Encourage him with examples of non-gym workouts. I could drop my gym membership right now, and still get equally great results.

            Obviously encourage the other areas of primal, proper sleep, plenty of sunlight, good amounts of water, stress management/play...

            I would tell him to give the Diet Cure by Julia Ross a read. Amino acid therapy has helped many people who have eating disorders, and Julia is the foremost expert right now on it.

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              When I was talking play I was actually not thinking sports...I have kids and just getting out and playing tag or going for a hike with them is great fun, and a wonderful time to talk (the hike, not tag!) So, if he's not into sports, invite him on a walk.

              I agree with A.S. about "so what?" I guess that's what I was kind of trying to say...if he did damage, he did damage. period. But now is a whole new story. If he starts treating his body better (and mind and spirit) he'll get better things from it.

              I was thinking about this this morning too, and wondered if he might be skeptical of the diet portion if he's worried about weight. Afterall...bacon and eggs? Really? My eyese light up at the thought but "conventional wisdom" tells me that if my eyes light up I shouldn't be eating it! As a newby myself I still am a little nervous, but everything makes so much sence to me I'm willing to give it a shot. In the week I've been doing this I haven't lost weight but I haven't gained either...the first time in over a month I can say that! One of the things that helped convince me was reading up on it...there are some great stories here and on other sites. Mark's post yesterday was a great one about not feeling guilty for eating. If he's a researcher or reader...point him to the site or let him borrow your book (if you have one).

              I'm glad you're getting some more feed back. hopefully it keeps coming!


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                I have no doubt that I have metabolism issues...years of yo-yo dieting the conventional way, being in my fifties, losing a TON of muscle during almost two years of recovery....

                BUT....I know from experience that it's possible to move very far into good health BUT it's a slower process than for people without such a history.

                As to your friend? Can you invite him over and feed him a showcase primal meal? Better yet, have him help you make it? (Do it casually, not like you are trying to convert him but just invite him for dinner and feed him what you make.)

                Or just buy him a copy of PB book...))