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  • Question about grains

    I understand that Paleo's main problem with grains is the high carb content, the resulting insulin spikes and the danger for obesity. But what about consuming small amounts of grains every day instead of avoiding them altogether, especially for my extremely efficient metabolism that doesn't ever seem to feel effects of even binging.

    Does one or two big pretzels a day, without consuming any other grain, still entitle me to a long, healthy life?
    What about the moderate consumption of sugary sweets?


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    Paleo's main problem with grain is gluten and the response the body has to it, treating it pretty much like it would a virus. Then, there's lectins which literally scour the gut of probiotic bacteria, reducing your ability to digest. Beyond that, phytates, which bind micronutrients - it is true that there are all manner of micronutrients in grain, but you won't get to ingest any of them.

    You only need to come into contact with grain once every fortnight to maintain that level of damage. You've become tolerant of the pain and damage.

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      Paleo is not necessarily low-carb (using 150g of net carbs as the cut-off), in fact a lot of people are now accepting white rice as fitting in a paleo-ish diet. The problem with grains is pretty much as pjgh said: there are proteins and other compounds that at worst act as toxins in the body, and at best decrease the amount of nutrition you absorb from them, and any other foods consumed at the same time.


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        its really not about carbs (unless you are going for weightloss). pjgh says it best.

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