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The best, most primal protein shake available in the UK?

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  • The best, most primal protein shake available in the UK?

    There's so many to choose from and I've no idea which brand would be the best and most primal? The only time I would take it in a day would be pre and post workout.

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    isopure (natures best) makes a unflavored whey protein. no sweeteners or artificial sweeteners or anything. that's what i use. and you can flavor it with cocoa powder, fruit, etc, or mix it in to just about anything. not sure if it's available in the uk, but it's worth a look


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      I'm not entirely sure the source of the milk really matters when its as heavily processed as whey protein is. Either way bulkpowders and myprotein are good sources. - Gaming, Food Reviews and Life in Singapore


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        Im in the UK and I bought Marks Primal Fuel. I know it costs quite a lot but the taste is wonderful and I know Im getting the right product!
        As Im quite new, I didnt want to take any chances with an unsuitable product. The pot is huge though and if its not drunk/eaten daily, it will last ages!!
        I'm not a complete idiot! There's parts missing!!