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in argument about blood panel results

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  • in argument about blood panel results

    I know this comes up a lot, but my SO has just had his blood work done and we are having a massive argument about his results. His long-standing doctor has told him that his results are excellent. I'm not so sure... He believes her (of course) because what do I know...? I didn't go to medical school. Blah blah blah. And I'm happy for him to do and eat what he wants, but for my own satisfaction, am I right in thinking that this doesn't look too good...?

    Cholesterol : 135
    TRI : 79
    HDL: : 38
    LDL: : 81

    FWIW: He's a carb addict, and doesn't follow paleo at all.
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    Doesn't look very spectacular, but I've seen worse. That's pretty much the standard SAD blood measurements though. He needs to lower his carb intake and raise his intake of healthy animal fats of course, but good luck getting him to do that. It's sad when you see someone who's clearly unhealthy, when you know the solution is so damn simple.
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      Cholesterol that low is usually indicative of an infection of some sort. The LDL is consumed in fighting the disease.

      Also, cholesterol is a precursor of most, if not all hormones. Low cholesterol usually means reduced hormone levels. How is his testosterone?
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        Trigs look good. Surprised a carb addict can have trigs that low. Carbs usually feed into high trigs.
        But the HDL is not high enough. High HDL correlates positively to protection against heart disease.
        I agree about the low LDL, it seems way too low, along with total cholesterol. Paul Jaminet did a great series on cholesterol earlier in 2011 that discusses how low cholesterol can be an indicator of poor health. From a paleo point of view a good total cholesterol is 230-250 (provided you have higher HDL)


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          In your SO's defense, if we did the same thing they always do on the cholesterol thread which defends primal, his numbers look good to very good. Let's look at his ratios:

          Total/HDL: 135/38 or 3.55 (ideal = 5 or below)

          Trig/HDL: 79/38 or 2.08 (ideal = 2 or below)

          LDL/HDL: 81 / 38 or 2.13 (ideal = 4.3 or below)

          This is most likely what you would use to defend yourself if your numbers were off compared to CW. It would only be fair to use them in his defense too?

          Clearly his HDL could be higher, but his numbers aren't close to bad IMO. This thread screams looking for justification to show your SO how unhealthy he is by not being primal. Not a good road to go down IMO, especially when this is a shaky at best argument.
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