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Could it be thyroid?

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  • Could it be thyroid?

    Over the last 5 years my appearance has gotten worse, my hair has receded slightly (though since i got my stress under control it's started to grow back very slightly) my hair is also really thin and dry and never looks good, my skin seems really thin on my face like i can see blue veins a little bit on my forehead, i have really dark circles from very thin skin, its also very dry and uneven
    When I was 18 my skin and hair was nice, now im 26 it looks terrible and i look ill
    i do get hot easily and have swollen lymph nodes in my neck, this coupled with extreme fatigue, thin skin and dry fine hair makes me think i might possibly have an overactive thyroid gland? I used to get very stressed about things (type A personality, got it in check now) could this have caused a thyroid problem?
    I've started taking kelp tablets and eating wakame with my meals, i know i have to take it slow but will this help do you think? does it sound like thyroid? should i go to docs?
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    It definitely couldn't hurt to get a blood test for T3, T4, and TSH levels.


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      Go to the site Stop the Thyroid Madness for details on tests and lots of info, but I think you should get full work up from doc, and exam in case there is other stuff going on.
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