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Insulin and snacking

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  • Insulin and snacking

    I am trying to understand how this all works. I have a basic understanding of how insulin works, but is it all only related to foods that are carbs/sugars? What happens if you eat something that's only fat or protein? Lets say you ate a snack that's protein and or fat, no sugars or carbs at all, would it really have any affect on weight loss/gain if you were still restricting calories. I know the basic "rule" is no snacking, but when it comes down to it, does it really matter if you have a snack thats all protein/fat?

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    Insulin will be released if any food is eaten, but noncarb food causes only a small amount of insulin to be released.


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      Protein needs insulin to be transported, so both protein and carbs raise insulin.

      Also insulin is not the whole story. Other hormones have a lot to do with weight gain and weight loss as well. Also snacking causes stress for the liver, which is bad for your health.


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        I know it's more than insulin, I just wasn't sure if fat and protein caused a significant spike in insulin. A friend asked me that question and I had no idea how to answer it because I had never read anything about insulin and fat or protein. Insulin seems to always be paired with sugar and carbs.