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  • Lab results, need help

    Ok, so just got some lab results from the doc back today and I am officially gluten intolerant..the level, according to the test, was at the level where I need to clear it out of my body over appx. 6 months, but after that, I should be able to have it in small quantities about once a week..Thankfully, my doc is going to perform another test to check that. I also had a non-fasting insulin level that was below range. The range was 5-20 pg/ml i think, and I was at a 3. So two questions.

    1. The most important, what in the world are my alcohol choices now!?
    2. The doc didn't seem concerned about the non-fasting insulin bc he thought the problems from gluten might be causing that. Does anyone know what else that could mean?

    On a completely unrelated subject, had my first organ meat tonight (calf's liver). It was OK, it certainly didn't scare me away but I don't know if I would be hungering for more...anyone know any good recipes?

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    To try to answer your questions:

    1. Gluten is in most beers so watch it carefully. Really watch your labels to find out what would be tolerated. However, the good news it that many liquors should be OK. Bourbon, gin, vodka. has a great list of what you can and can't have.

    2. I would watch your non-fasting but if you are within limits at this point, chances are very good that eliminating gluten will be helpful and certainly not harmful.

    3. I think organ meat is gross....


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      The hard drinks like whisky, bourbon and tequila are GF. Check out the recipes on the blogs. I have some here. Some of my favorites are paleodish, paleOMG and girl walks into a bar(bell). Don't have the lnks on me right now, but google and they'll come up. They have some fabulous recipes! Paleodish put one up made with cow tongue last week. She made shredded beef taco's from them.
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