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Feel like I'm in the Matrix at the grocery store.....

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  • Feel like I'm in the Matrix at the grocery store.....

    It has been mentioned in other posts on the MDA Forums. Our Primal LIfe enables us to see through "The Matrix", the CW nutritional dogma that has set human kind spiraling towards oblivion. The processed foods so aggressively marketed, the lies propagated for so long.

    I had such a Primal day: good long sleep in a dark and silent room, awoke with no alarm, took a two hour dog walk (iPod playing Jimmy Moores' recent interview with Lierre Keith) in the cold bright winter weather, then hit up a Crossfit workout (21 reps on Cindy for any Crossfitters out there!) followed with some heavy deadlifts. Then off to get some work done (oh yah, almost forgot to eat, so at 21 hours fasted, I had a hearty "break-fast" of local raised "wild" beef stew with cabbage, carrots and jicama along with a Big A$$ Salad), then stopped out to the grocery store to pick up some treats (blueberries appear to be in season in Chile) and staples. This is NOT bragging, but something Sisson's work has me focussing on as being an ideal sort of day! It is typical for me now.

    I then walked into something so foreign. Sick people, damaged, limping, in wheel chairs, using walkers, puffy, sagging, lagging, wheezing, dragging themselves up and down the aisles. All ages, races, both sexes, lots of despair and hopelessness to be seen. It became like slow-motion as I scanned damaged humans whose bodies are simply trying to cope with the foods, chemicals and other inputs they are given. Very few visibly "fit" people.

    The 400lb man on oxygen, in a wheelchair with one amputated foot is not a weak man, not a sinner, not immoral, not to be judged. He is just ignorant. Likely his family and friends are as well. No doubt there are many health professionals that have their own stamp of frustration with/for this guy; they may be ignorant too. Why else would he have a carton of cigs, a family size box of Fruit Loops, 2 gallons of skim milk, and a fridge pack of Diet Mt Dew? It wasn't that he's given that purchase a lot of thought.

    Why else would the Mom-of-three be in a heated discussion on her cell phone as her 3 kids orbit around her consuming candy and juice boxes as she pushes a cart of processed packaged "food" with nary a natural product among them? Poor little guys, one of them is already visibly chubby, all three have skinny faces, crooked teeth and poor skull/facial/dental development Weston A. Price makes me see in myself every morning. It's set by now for them, too.

    Well, thanks for reading this if you got this far. I just about deleted this rather than posting it. I hope I don't come off as a jerk sitting in judgement, that is NOT how I feel. I feel empathy as I was raised this way, we all were! It will be an impossible task, but Primal LIving has to become the norm. Make the steps, help your friends and family take the steps. It is important stuff.

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    poor skull/facial/dental development Weston A. Price makes me see in myself every morning</blockquote>

    What&#39;s this now?

    You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!


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      I feel similar. All I see is "crap....crap with crap on it....crap covered in sugar...more crap"

      Natural Selection:


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        Primalchild, after reading Weston A. Price "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration" I see my parent&#39;s poor nutritional choices manifested in my own development. My Mom was raising 5 of us and fed us loads of processed foods that were cheap and convenient. She bought into the low fat dogma of the day, and the supposed superiority of formula over breast feeding. As a result I have poor eyesight, constricted nostrils and sinuses (mouth breather), narrowed dental arches, crowded crooked teeth (wisdom teeth required surgical removal,all too common in modern America), skinny face, pointy jaw line. All these things are as a result of processed foods fueling a human&#39;s growth from the early days of conception into adulthood. Weston Price&#39;s work has lots of photos of kids and adults on their traditional diets (fantastic, robust, beautiful faces!) and as the processed foods take hold in these cultures, so sad.

        I can only wonder how a more traditional Primal diet might have changed me for the better all those years ago!


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          I really need to find these pictures. Is that weird? Anyway, thank you for was kind of comforting to read. Don&#39;t ask me why. :/


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            I feel the same way when I go out. I also see fat on people in a whole new light. I was misinformed, lied to even, by conventional wisdom. I was ashamed of my body because that is what society says you must be, that your fatty deposits on your body is your fault because you did not follow conventional wisdom.

            Some days I want to strip and show society how well conventional wisdom worked for me, shouting loudly to "LOOK AT IT!"

            I have only been eating Primal for the past month and a half. I have lost 15-30lbs, gotten leaner, lost and inch around the waist, and most importantly... I see myself in a whole new light. I no longer fret about how badly I might look in a shirt. I am no longer going to miss out of swimming just because I am ashamed at how I look because I am no longer ashamed at how I look, but rather ashamed at how long I let myself be a sheep to society and conventional wisdom.

            Ism's in my opinion are not good. A person should not believe in an -ism, he should believe in himself. I quote John Lennon, "I don't believe in Beatles, I just believe in me."--Ferris Bueller, 1986
            Check me out @ my blog: Retrospective Caveman
            I set up a Facebook Group for all those who are eating and living Paleo/Primal


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              I work at a grocery store, I totally get what you&#39;re talking about... It&#39;s really sad to see what America eats.


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                stop_hammertime and anyone else who is curious about the facial structure thing


                I hate seeing my skinny face and my husband&#39;s skinny face after reading this and seeing the photos!!! Maybe our baby will be a bit more broad-faced. We&#39;ll see!

                Eating lots but still hungry? Eat more fat. Mid-day sluggishness? Eat more fat. Feeling depressed or irritable? Eat more fat. People think you've developed an eating disorder? Eat more fat... in front of them.


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                  Good timing on this post @Acmebikes. I had a day very similar to yours (long walk, beef stew, feeling great about life). I went to the supermarket tonight to get some apples, and walking by all the food I used to eat reminded me of how I used to feel.

                  It was very discouraging to be reminded that most people see nothing wrong with $1/lb pork roasts or fiber-filled cereal bars, or even think to check the ingredient lists on their food and toiletries.

                  I felt bad about my reaction. I don&#39;t want to be a snob, and I don&#39;t want to be so removed from mainstream thinking that I can&#39;t relate to what most people do on a daily basis. It&#39;s a hard line to walk.


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                    Good post. I had a similar feeling listening to NPR radio the other day. They were interviewing a doctor who was running a program for Haiti in which volunteers were flying injured Haitian children to the US for surgery and medical care donated by a hospital and its staff.

                    The doctor was decribing the children on their flight to the US and their reaction to being given &#39;treats.&#39; He said they had never had chocolate chip cookies or doughnuts before, and "their eyes lit up." I felt like crying out... "No! Don&#39;t do it!"

                    I was like the first thing the Americans did to these kids was to poison them. I felt like I was from another planet because I knew most people listening to the broadcast were probably feeling warm and fuzzy. "Awwwwwww, their first chocolate chip cookies and doughnuts."



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                      ^ I&#39;ve noticed that the average person in this country pretty much does not believe that nutrition matters in any significant way. I&#39;ve met countless people who feel that food is just food, and it just doesn&#39;t really matter what you eat.

                      They may accept, theoretically, that candy and soda are "bad," but they don&#39;t put any real weight in that judgment. It&#39;s not real; it&#39;s just some abstract value.

                      There&#39;s a great deal of willful ignorance about nutrition in this country.

                      The prevailing "everything in moderation, balance blah blah blah" CW doesn&#39;t help.


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                        I&#39;m not sure I&#39;d call it willful ignorance. I&#39;d call it conditioning. If you look at what kids are taught in school to eat and then all the marketing on TV during cartoons and even at night for adult shows. It&#39;s all garbage. If all you know is what you are shown in school and on tv then how can you know any other way.

                        I feel lucky that I had a friend tell me about Paleo, which after a few google searches, lead me here.


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                          A wonderful post, topically, and so well written! I&#39;m glad you didn&#39;t delete it!

                          I make the same observations all of the time. It&#39;s not that I&#39;m perfect (yet, ha ha ha!), I even gained 8 pounds in the last weeks. Very depressed, lousy weather, no exercise. But I&#39;m back! At least I&#39;m aware of what goes in my mouth, even if aware that it&#39;s been too much!

                          And The Matrix is exactly it. As one is less and less buying into the dominant social messages - not just food - one sees with new vision. "Hidden in plain sight" is an old Quaker phrase. I love the Matrix movies, and I"m not much of a movie buff.


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                            I agree with Prowler. I have friends that "know better", but continue. Then again, they&#39;ve probably never known what it feels like to be healthy. It&#39;s hard for a lot of people - it was hard for me; you end up chasing the next misery to cover up the last, and unfortunately for some its not until you hit rock bottom that you start really looking for SOLUTIONS instead of band-aids.

                            It&#39;s a paradigm-shift from: "I&#39;m miserable. I don&#39;t know what to do. *sob* *chug cola + eat honeybuns to make myself feel better*


                            "I&#39;m miserable... ... ... Why?"

                            Introspection is hard shit.

                            I, too, work in a food-store - a "health-food" Co-Op (we do have some pretty healthy stuff, too! But a lot of crud) It&#39;s a lot "better" than a conventional grocery store in many ways, but the vegan/vegetarian population is astounding. This is the saddest case for me - well intentioned (most of the time) people seeking to better themselves in the world. Merely horribly misguided. (Former vegan speaking from experience.)

                            It is telling that one of my vegan coworkers mentioned worry that their child seems developmentally behind their peers.

                            And Acme - I too see the well-intentioned "sins of the father" every time I look in the mirror. Or reflect upon my inability to concentrate in class that sticks with me to this very day, regardless of what I do. Or the fact that I am 5&#39;6", but have the torso length of someone that should be 6&#39;0".

                            I cannot wait to see my own children tower over me and outshine me in every aspect.


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                              Well-written post Acme. I&#39;m so glad you didn&#39;t delete it. I kind of agree with Prowler. And also it&#39;s not like some people don&#39;t get it, they do but it&#39;s just not their priority. Case in point, my husband. He&#39;s a physician who used to be very CW but has begun to see my point of view on health but he won&#39;t go out of his way to eat healthy if it&#39;s not provided on a plate for him. So the onus falls on me. I try when I can, but with my pregnancy, I&#39;ve just been unable to make breakfast, lunch and dinner for him. So if someone who is informed as he is doesn&#39;t care, I wonder how all the people who are uninformed will even have a clue.

                              I&#39;ve seen those pictures from Nutrition and Physical Generation. Everytime I eat non-primal foods (which has been frequently in the last month), I&#39;m reminded of those pictures.