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FOUND: Grass-fed beef in Calgary! And a question.

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  • FOUND: Grass-fed beef in Calgary! And a question.

    Anyone in Calgary or the surrounding area looking to get in on some grass-fed beef? I'm in touch with a rancher whose got me on the list for a 1/2 beef toward the end of March (a7 Ranche). I'd be paying around $1100 for the half beef. That's way more beef than I can possibly eat, so am looking to potentially share it with one or two other people. We can divvy up the cuts. Let me know if you're interested.

    And now, a question for the masses:

    The website refers to the cattle as being grass-fed and grass-finished. This made me wonder how a 2-year old 1/2 beef could be ready to go by end of March; i.e. how does an animal eat grass during the snowy winter? This is the response the rancher sent me:

    "The calves are born in June and weaned from their mothers Feb-March. From Nov-April I supplement the cattle while they are still grazing with 3lbs/hd/day of canola meal. From April-Nov they get grass, salt and mineral. The animals that I sell for grass feds are two years old so they get two winters with the canola supplement and are finished on grass the summer that they turn two. The animal that we have been talking about turned two last summer and has been with all the other cattle receiving the canola meal. This animal will eat about twenty seven pounds of grass and three pounds of canola meal/day right now. We ate the same age of animal our selves last year and it was sure good eating."

    Hmmmmm. Supplemented with canola meal for 6 months of the year. Is this still pretty good-quality meat, in everyone's esteemed opinions? Or should I just pass on this half beef and continue to buy my steaks a la carte at Costco? The inconvenience of having to store a quarter or a half of beef is off-putting to me, but I'd be willing to figure it out, only if the meat quality was going to be exceptional. Is it? What would you do?

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    Canola meal is what is left after the Canola oil is extracted. Usually this extraction involves a solvent(hexane) then a desolventizing of the meal. The meal is typically used as a protein supplement for cattle but is alsoused to feed shrimp. Some Canola meal is produced using a double press method and does not use solvents. Can't comment on what effect it has on the beef.
    If you are looking for grass fed beef there is a shop in Cochrane called the Cochrane butchery. They have all organic meat - and they also have grass fed. They will also sell you offal.
    Also there are a number of elk farms in the outlying areas that will sell you elk - also High Country Bison will sell an entire bison if you can get enough people together to share.


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      I've seen a web site for TK Ranch that delivers to Calgary. They do full, 1/2, 1/4 and 1/8 cows. They also supplement their cows but with barley sprouts instead of canola meal, though not sure if that is much better or not.

      I've never used them but their site looks good, they also have pork, chickens, turkeys and lamb.


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        TX ranch sells grass-fed beef at Amaranth Whole Food Market, but the selection is limited... I'm going to have to go check out the Cochrane butchery before I commit to my 1/2 cow.


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          I've emailed the nice folks at TK Ranch, and they're pretty damn awesome. They do ship across Canada now, which makes me giddy! I gotta place an order with 'em one of these days...

          Edited to add: Damn. I could have sworn I saw something about shipping across Canada on their site. Now I can't find it! I gotta e-mail 'em again.
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            Thanks for this thread. I am in Edmonton and TK Ranch ships here or you can meet them to pick at one of the shops they deliver to, to pick up your order free of charge which sounds awesome to me.
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