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    So, I will be leaving on a ~2 week trip to the Bahamas tomorrow! Super excited. And at the end of it, my best friend's destination wedding!

    After a week of slip-ups (pretty primal slip-ups, but the over-eating kind) I am worried about really falling off the wagon. Fitting into my maid-of-honor dress is a big incentive, but vacation food can be a killer, so I was trying to come up with some very do-able rules to follow while I'm there. I'm aiming for 90% primal over the course of the 12 days, with most or all of the 10% going towards wedding food.

    Rule #1: Eat only delicious food. I binge when I focus on eating food I don't particularly like just because it's "healthy" - even though my physical hunger is satisfied, mentally I just need GOOD TASTE. So my first rule is to only eat food that tastes good.

    Rule #2: Eat only primally until the wedding - then, eat cake! I gotta have some of that wedding cake, come on!!! We are renting an apartment, so I will be able to cook at least half of my meals. Meals out will consist of meat and veggies. No starches. Ok, maybe fried plantain, but only if they don't use sugar.

    Rule #3: Sprint on the beach. Maybe even every day. How often do I get to see a beach? Never, that's how often. Make good use of it.

    Rule #4: Keep up with weight training. This should be easy, there is a gym. I just need to figure out a schedule. I tried at the gym today, actually, but I found it difficult! I'm too used to a trainer telling me what to do.

    Rule #5: Play. AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.

    Any other ideas??

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    Do you drink? If so, even socially, have a plan for drinking. I drink on vacation vs. eat (it seems like food in beach locations generally sucks unless it is fish). Anyhow, have a plan and set a limit on alcohol if needed. I do 2-3 club sodas per alcoholic drink.

    I bet you end up losing weight if you stick to your plan! I know I often lose weight on vacation because being active all day is pretty easy to end up doing!
    Check out my blog. Hope to share lots of great recipes and ideas!


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      alcohol....yes, forgot about that one. I'll stick to my regular glass or two of wine. I don't like fruity mixer-types or beer. Wine or whisky. Neither should really derail me, I don't think.