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Snacks for the office??

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  • Snacks for the office??

    I don't really get hungry during the day when I eat breakfast, but every now and then something to eat that is small would be nice to have. I picked up three bags of macadamia nuts that were on sale, and now I'm looking for jerky. Why the hell is it so damn expensive? Anywhere online that gives a decent price for a decent amount of jerky?

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    Spend the money and get the best jerky. Good jerky is worth the money. Food I keep in my office includes seaweed (I get dulse) and canned fish like sardines and salmon. I bought a little can opener for the salmon. The canned fish is stinky and messy so I open and drain it in the bathroom and make sure to have a bunch of paper towels on hand in case I spill and then I throw out the can in the bathroom because the cleaning people empty the bathroom trash every day but my own trash only once a week. It's a pain in the butt but there's nothing in any of the stores on campus I can eat except hardboiled eggs.
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      I need to bring in some hard boiled eggs... How long do they stay good for in the fridge? I'm not a big fish person, but I suppose I can give that a go. I really miss tuna melts sometimes haha. What brand of canned salmon do you eat? I don't think I've ever had a sardine in my life that need to change. I bet the cleaning people love you haha. I got a lil over a pound for 20 on amazon so I'll give that a go and see if i like it.