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  • I just blew my head off

    Thought i'd make a stir fry today, being day 1 of primality, I thought i'd do something simple, but fun!

    I had:

    -Two Loin chops cut up into chunks

    - Frozen veg (Cauliflower, Baby carrots, Brocolli)

    - Freshly cut Red bell peper

    - One little red and green chilli chopped up

    - Chives

    - Ginger & mixed spice.

    Wok'd the pork to cook it, sprinkled over some ginger and mixed spice to flavour the meat. Added the frozen veg, then the peppers, then the chilli, and sprinkled over some lovely smelling dried chives (love that stuff) over it all. Let it cook a bit more and it was ready.

    Dear lord, I tried one carrot while putting it on my plate and it was HOT. I had to keep my water close by while eating this meal. It was damn hot, but surprisingly very enjoyable. Try it, if you dare.

    I took a shower after and didn't know if the water was too hot, or my mouth, haha.

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    " little red chilli..." sounds so innocent, hehe!

    Not my cup of tea I'm afraid, but I admire those who can cope!


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      Did you gut the pepper and take out the seeds? guessing not, I almost always add some spice to my stir fry... and right now stir fry's are like... 80% of what I eat so yeah, mine are never too hot if you take the seeds out.

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        Just to clarify iniQuity's post, most of the capsaicin in peppers is in the pith, or the white stuff surrounding the seeds. If you want to go "low-heat" on a recipe, make sure to get rid of that stuff as well.


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          Here is what I would like to know.

          What kind of chili are we talking about?

          If it was one cayenne pepper, then that is tasty.

          If it was one habanero or scotch bonnet, then that is painful.

          (those peppers are only used for an example, I KNOW there are hundreds, if not more, different peppers out there. And I love them all, but they don't love me).

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            co-operative birdseye chillies from zambia. Nothing else specified


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              Oh, man... take the seeds out! That's where the majority of the OMGHOT resides.

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                Warning - capscaicin can linger on your hands after you finish working with the peppers. If you are working with chiles, use extreme caution. Wear gloves or keep keep your hands away from eyes and other sensitive body parts until you've cleaned them well.


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                  "One red and green chile" doesn't mean much. And even within varieties there is a wide range of heat units. The TAM variety of jalapeņo is bred to lack heat! What the ...........?

                  I found some beautiful scotch bonnets last summer, deep red. Now, I'm a fair chile head, but those things were so hot I couldn't even nibble little pieces of them! I froze them and use them to make hot green olives.

                  Water - and beer - does not wash away the capsaicum. It is only oil soluble, so use milk, ice cream, or I guess, olive oil.

                  Do NOT ever make love after handling hot peppers! Good thing Kathy found it rather funny.......


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                    Like OTB mentioned, fat is the only thing that will deliver relief from a mouthful of capsaicin. If you overdo it on the spice, try swishing a mouthful of heavy cream.

                    And Geoff was wise to advocate caution when touching sensitive body parts after handling hot peppers. I heard a horror story once about a pepper-eating contest at the local bar. After drinking several beers to wash down the chiles, most of the (male) participants went to use the restroom and neglected to wash their hands first. Apparently, they were not that concerned with their burning tongues after that.