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  • What am I doing wrong?

    As I sit here typing...I already have tears in my eyes...I am so frustrated. I started going Paleo/Primal in July 2011. Right off the bat I lost 8 pounds in about a week. Since then I have only gained weight, I am grateful that since going Paleo/Primal that weight gain is less than it had been the 6 months prior (july to present less than 15 lbs gained, october 2010 to july 2011 55 lbs gained, net gain in 18 months...70 lbs). I admit that prior to that October I had been quite heavy and had used HCG to lose 80 lbs...under a doctors care. HCG worked just didn't work out as planned.

    In the last year I have been diagnosed as Hashimotos (an auto immune) and hypothyroid (due to the hashi) I take thyroid (T3 or cytomel) but it hasn't helped with any weight loss.

    I was a chronic cardio girl prior to July spending 9 hours a week in the gym doing cardio in addition to my weight lifting. Since July I have cut back on my cardio and am lifting more heavy things. I lift weights a couple of times a week, do kettlebells in place of cardio (in addition to weight lifting), the occasional zumba class (more for my is hard to coordinate three body zones and not look stupid) and yoga classes when I feel like it, I walk my dog a 4 or more times a week but that is for her and not for me...she'll sniff and smell...well let's call them roses.

    Diet: In September I was told to give up dairy and eggs in addition to the grains I had given up. I jokingly call myself a grain free vegan...add meat (it really annoys my veggie friends...I guess that is just the added plus)

    Ok here goes:

    Breakfast: 2+ cups broccoli, cauliflower, carrot mix with canadian bacon (120 cals equals 20 g protein)
    Lunch: a big salad and chicken or 2 cups veggies (see above or other veggies), and approx 25 - 30 g protein...occasionally some extra root veggies just for variety
    Dinner: did you guess...yup 2 cups of veggies and 25 g of protein
    Snack: I eat fruit and some protein, celery with almond butter, some dates and nuts...

    I put some coconut oil or evoo on my veggies and sprinkle them with dried herbs for more flavor combinations. I drink decaf coffee with stevia and coconut milk in it.

    My daily goal in protein is 100g...and I am usually hitting that...95 to 115 is pretty average.

    Supplements: All prescribed by health care professionals
    chromium picolinate
    fish oil (2 T daily)
    Capryol (2 T daily)
    Vit C
    Vit B complex
    Vit D (30,000 daily)

    So, What do I fix? the Pants I bought in September just are too tight...which is making be very sad today and quite uncomfortable. I am frustrated that is less than a year and a half I have gone from a size 6 to a 14...and now those are too small and I have to buy even bigger fat pants...these 14s were suppose to be it...they aren't

    What keeps me from throwing myself in a hole...the fact that I know I am stronger...I have more endurance for activities I wasn't able to do in the past. I feel better...My dad asked me how I can eat the way I do...I said it made me feel better...he said...well I am glad you aren't trying to lose weight on that diet cause it isn't working....while that sounds is far kinder than what I have thought...but what the hell....what am I doing wrong?

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    Do you have a copy of your starting and most recent thyroid labs? My first thought in your case is that your thyroid function is not idea.

    My other thoughts would be regarding the nut - how many do you eat per day? And also the canadian bacon - I do best when I keep processed foods to a minimum.

    Are you hungry on this amount of food?
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      The canadian bacon is minimally processed...4 ingredients all natural and easily identifiable.
      I am well aware I was eating too many nuts...and have cut back to a small handful a day...and not every day maybe a T of nut butter...again not every day and not on the same day.

      I am not usually hungry on this food but am hungry when I eat my next meal and usually eat 3 or 4 meals a day. If I am hungry it is usually because I haven't had enough protein.

      I know I need to get another lab work up...and am doing that in 2 weeks...


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        You should NOT be eating broccoli or cauliflower every day, or even every week, if you are hypothyroid. Not saying it's the cause, but cruciferous vegetables are goitrogenic. They are not a good thing for you to be eating with your condition, and you seem to be eating buckets of them. Cooking helps neutralize some of the goitrogens, but it's kind of an open question how much. Are you supplementing any iodine or eating lots of shellfish/seaweed/iodized salt?

        EDIT: there's a good list of cruciferous vegetables on that Wiki page, all of which you should probably avoid as much as possible. I would stick to root vegetables and non-cruciferous greens like lettuce, herb greens, etc., if I were you.

        EDIT2: I can't believe doctors have suggested that many supplements but never had you take iodine. Ay ay ay.
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          Iodine is contraindicated for those with Hashi.

          Ok...I eat a lot of cruciferous veggies. But what else is there? I always cook them. I eat green beans...but those aren't primal, carrots I eat lots of those.


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              Originally posted by prncsssmartass View Post
              Iodine is contraindicated for those with Hashi.

              Ok...I eat a lot of cruciferous veggies. But what else is there? I always cook them. I eat green beans...but those aren't primal, carrots I eat lots of those.
              Huh. Didn't know that about Hashimoto's. Good to know.

              The vegetables were what jumped out at me. And when I say a lot, I mean you are eating a shit ton of them. I mean 6 cups a day? That's a lot. I'm not really up on a list of common vegetables that are non-cruciferous, but anything like squashes, tubers, peppers, onions, etc. would be good bets. There are a lot of different edible plants in the world.
              Today I will: Eat food, not poison. Plan for success, not settle for failure. Live my real life, not a virtual one. Move and grow, not sit and die.

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                ditch the dates and other high sugar fruits and see if that helps.


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                  Sometimes the most obvious solution is the simplest. You are probably eating too many calories. How tall are you?

                  Coconut oil, olive oil, nuts, dates, nut butter ... these are all pretty high in calories. It's not that they're necessarily "bad" for you, you just may be eating more calories than you think. Compared to whole milk, coconut milk is also pretty high in calories, about four times as much.

                  Have you considered joining a calorie-counting site like SparkPeople or MyFitnessPal? Or maybe Weight Watchers? It's perfectly possible to eat primal and count calories or do WW.

                  Did you give up dairy and eggs on the advice of a nutritionist, or on the advice of this forum?
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                    Have you checked out the leptin reset threads on MDA?

                    Grizz has put together a good synthesis here:


                    Also, check out Dr. Kruse's site, who posts on the huge leptin reset thread as Digital Surgeon.
                    Blog Index - Jack Kruse
                    MY LEPTIN PRESCRIPTION - Jack Kruse
                    THE LEPTIN RX...FAQ's - Jack Kruse

                    You may want to check out this book:
           The Leptin Diet: How Fit Is Your Fat? (Take Charge) (9781933927282): Byron J. Richards: Books


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                      You have Hashimoto's (autoimmune) and you're overweight. Both share a common underlying pathology of intestinal permeability (leaky gut).

                      Autoimmune: dietary lectins (grains, legumes, dairy proteins, maybe nightshades) destroy microvilli, cause leaky gut, transport pathogens, pathogens undergo molecular mimicry so your body creates antibodies that attack its tissue, lectins overexcite immune system, autoimmune disease.

                      Obesity/overweight (one mechanism most likely to apply to you): dietary lectins (grains, legumes, dairy proteins, maybe nightshades) destroy microvilli, cause leaky gut, gram negative bacteria contain lipopolysaccharides, lipopolysaccharides upregulate SOCS3, SOCS3 causes leptin resistance therefore obesity. If this is correct the weight loss won't start until you heal your small intestine and you have more work than other people.

                      You've mentioned T3 doesn't help in weight loss and that's because there's only small differences between the weight of hypothyroid and euthyroid people.

                      It's good you're grain, dairy and egg free (and legume free I hope), ditch the nuts too. Without eggs you need choline and have a greater need to heal your small intestine, without eggs either organ meats (such as liver) or choline supplementation is essential. The B vitamins and vitamin C are probably useless. That quantity of vegetables may aggrevate the intestine in some people, while others find it theraputic, you'll need to judge yourself. The green beans may also be a small problem, again you'll have to judge that.

                      Because you have an autoimmune hypothyroid it's about thyroid damage/destruction, not suppression, goitrogens suppress thyroid function.


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                        My take--
                        First and foremost, recent thyroid test results , with lab ranges, are very important..

                        Other things I have learn as someone with thyroid issues:
                        1. Your body needs time to heal. Weight loss is secondary to the healing process. Trying to chase/force weight loss with over exercising and dietary restriction during the healing process can be counterproductive.
                        2. Over medicating with T3 meds MAY lead to hyPERthyroid and for some people that equals weight gain. Free T4 and FT3 test results are important here.

                        Finally, what worked for ME-- change the focus.. Make healing, getting adequately treated, hormonally healthy, and making choices, based on health markers, PB eating perimeters and easy/slow exercise choices the focus. Weight loss will follow over time..

                        Giving the body time to heal is PARAMOUNT!


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                          I would like to second the comment about calories. You should track for a few days to see the amount you're consuming.

                          With Hashi's (I have it, too), the metabolism is slowed--even when the person is optimally medicated, so that the amount consumed previously can easily add weight. Thyroid meds are NOT supposed to cause weight loss. They just 'level the playing field' because unmedicated hypos can gain so easily.

                          No matter what foods you eat, you don't lose weight without a calorie deficit. In addition, be careful with exercise because the slower thyroid can be too stressed if exercise is too intense.

                          I am curious as to why you are only taking T3 because most of us begin with T4 and only supplement with T3 (in addition to the T4) when we encounter conversion problems.


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                            I suggest
                            - bigger higher protein breakfasts
                            - cut down on snacking (don't have stevia and coconut milk in coffees outside mealtimes)
                            - more saturated fat (coconut oil). Your diet looks quite low in saturated fat. Ditch the nuts if you can.
                            - cut back on goitrogens
                            - question the unnatural vitamin D dose, as it can be toxic >25,000 daily
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                              Thank you everyone who responded

                              I am 5’5’’ and I do use spark people and log both my food and my exercise. I average 1500 a day….some days are 1300 and some are 1700. I always land with in my spark people range. And I am counting my fish oil and medication (oil based) in with my calories as it adds up to 400+ a day. Spark people frequently tells me I need to eat more as my exercise is out pacing my food intake.

                              I gave up on the eggs because my doctor told me to do so as I react to the yolk (so occasionally I will eat egg whites for fun)

                              I am on T3 because my T3 numbers were ridiculously low (I can’t remember) and my T4 was normal. I was having trouble converting from the get go. My most recent labs are that my TSH is 1.something and my T4 was about a .8 (that is from memory) and my T3 was headed in the right direction.

                              My Vitamin D prescription is based on my on going Vit D lab work…which at 45000 a day for months finally crossed into low normal. IT has been lowered to 30,000.

                              I really appreciate everyone’s advice and it is definitely food for thought. I am seeing a new doctor in a couple of weeks. It has been very difficult to find one that will treat Hashimoto’s as autoimmune. While my last doctor listened to me, I felt I had done more research and she was just doing what my research indicated….not necessarily what I wanted in a doctor.

                              Thank you Stevenhamley….it is good to be reminded about the difference between autoimmune thyroid and suppressed thyroid. It is one of those things I know but need reminders about. I also knew that I was leaky gut and have been working on that as well. Didn’t know about the choline will have to look into that.