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Does strict primal lead to a shorter, lighter period?

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    Originally posted by masage View Post
    I have a question, though. How do you cope with pre-period cravings. Like woman that started this topic, I see pictures of chocolate and baked goods in my mind approx. 3 days before periode and, of course, indulge in stuff.
    How about a little healthy cacao powder in coffee? I find it pretty satisfying ... although I admit I add a teaspoon of Spenda to sweeten it. But I figure cheating with a little Splenda is better than going all out on the candy and baked goods.


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      well, this seems like an odd thread to make my first post, but here goes...

      I gave up wheat, corn and soy right after Halloween, and have 'primalized' the rest of my diet almost completely since then. I realized about 10 days later that I chose to do it right before PMS week. Why did it take me so long to clue in? Because I had almost zero PMS bloating, back pain or cravings. Period just kind of snuck up on me. I can't really say that flow has lightened, because my periods have gotten more regular and shorter (2 really heavy days, 5 days max, instead of dragging on for 7-8 days) since having a couple of kids. But they are just more manageable overall.

      As for cravings? They are definitely less intense. And I listen to my body and give in to them once in a while. I think those period cravings happen for a reason. I don't try to trick my cravings by giving them pale substitutes. I find that giving my body the very best quality version of what its asking for (ice cream!) means it takes less to satisfy me, and once it has passed, that particular food holds no power over me.

      *My obligatory intro

      There are no cheat days. There are days when you eat primal and days you don't. As soon as you label a day a cheat day, you're on a diet. Don't be on a diet. ~~ Fernaldo



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        Oh! I nearly forgot I posted something here! Thanks for advice, will try something (recipe sounds delicious!). For now I am making myself cocoa - full fat milk and cocoa powder, no sugar of course - and in my opinion it tastes GOOD! Sometimes I buy myself dark chocolate - currently struggling with 85%, it's really strong and can't eat it a lot at once, which is a good thing. For now, I have absolutely no cravings for grains and sugar, but my true nature will reveal when my period starts (again).
        Thanks again, fellow Grokesses, will keep in touch, definately!


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          Wish I was having this "problem" of lighter, easier periods. Mine starts 2-3 days before I'm even off my active pills in my BC pack, is heavier than ever, and my PMS is back. It's like my own hormones have overridden the ones I'm taking.
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            mine snuck up on warning symptoms and it left much much sooner than it has in the past!


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              Originally posted by Orchid View Post
              For me, primal has meant no period (well, two in the past year). And I've done a lot of ridiculous diets -- raw, fruitarian, vegan, veggie and have always been an endurance runner in the meantime -- but my (heavy) period always stuck around in perfect cycles until primal eating. And I don't know why. Its gone away with both low carb primal and high carb primal.

              However, I still get the same PMS symptoms (but lighter cramping), so ovulation may still be occurring. I've read that if your lining is light enough, the body may just re-absorb it and that lack of period (or little period) isn't necessarily a sign of loss of fertility. It sounds like this lightening may be a side-effect of the whole foods diet... ??
              Same here.


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                Primal 9 months now, and it has taken a long time to see changes. BUT HAPPILY! YES! IT DOES GET BETTER ON PRIMAL.

                I still get pains, but can now cope with only taking 2 panadol, instead of my usual 4 (sometimes up to 6).

                Much lighter, only 2 days on. Used to be 3 +

                Way less flow.

                Still as regular as clockwork, once a month.

                Like ar0e, I have also given up the traditional bleached products, and switched to natural organic pads, and found it had a massive, positive result.
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