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  • Opinions on Hot Bologna

    It's wonderful living in Eastern Pennsylvania and being of PA Dutch Heritage. Never really noticed all the good things in Miller's Hot Bologna... Pork Cheeks, Beef Hearts, Pork Hearts, Pork Tongue.

    I always thought it was just an accompaniment to copious quantities of beer.

    Now the bad part...

    Hydrolyzed Soy and Wheat Gluten. I am assuming this is a binder for the bologna.

    I am thinking the good (offal) outweighs the bad (gluten) What do you think? Not planning on eating the whole jar in one sitting, but one piece a day should not kill me.

    SW on 10/1/11: 380lbs.
    CW 12/13/12: 315lbs. (Was under 300#, added some muscle :-) )
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    I would not eat those daily. For one thing, they contain MSG - not good. Gluten and soy protein - not good. Not to mention quite a few other chemical ingredients.

    Find yourself a nice quality liverwurst or some other sausage with just the meat and some spices.
    Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )


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      Personally, all the MSG, nitrates, and nitrites would make this a no-go for me. As a snack now and then I bet it won't hurt you, but I wouldn't consider it a beneficial food.
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        Is enough to make me steer clear of that. But honesty having it every now and then isn't a problem at all. That falls under the 80/20 rule IMO.
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          I guess I will tread lightly. Won't buy another jar but will enjoy this one for a few months.
          SW on 10/1/11: 380lbs.
          CW 12/13/12: 315lbs. (Was under 300#, added some muscle :-) )
          GW: 10% B.F. 250lbs. - 275lbs. (6' 4" tall)


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            Sounds really tasty, but the MSG and nitrates are a no-go for me. I'm having a similar conundrum with livermush (kinda like a southern version of scrapple), I love it but it has corn meal and a small amount of wheat flour as binders. I considered making my own, but have no idea if I can find anything that would recreate the texture that the cornmeal provides. Maybe almond meal... I am not a fan of liver by itself (well, except for fried chicken livers at KFC, and that involves breading and rancid oils) but I crave it when I'm anemic.

            Someone suggested liverwurst, but all I see around here is Oscar Mayer, and I'm sure that probably has weird stuff in it.